Please be aware that all players need to adhere to these rules to be allowed to play in the game.

  1. The LARP meets at 7:00 PM. We will host a general meeting and make announcements. The LARP then breaks up into genres. At 7:30 players will be given the opportunity to ask any questions about their downtime. At 8:00 PM the Storyteller Corp are in place to conduct that night's session.

  2. There is a $2.00 charge per person for the night to play in the game. After you pay, you will be issued your character sheet. The first night you play is free.

  3. No weapon props of any kind will be allowed.

  4. No touching without the permission of the other players.

  5. If you are downstairs you are considered to be in character, no exceptions. As a courtesy to other players, if you need to be out of character except for a storyteller timestop or a rules question, please go upstairs or outside. The upstairs-uncarpeted area will be considered an out of character area. Please keep all out of character conversations to those areas.

  6. If you are having in-character conversations outside of the designated in-character areas anyone who hears your discussion can use that information.

  7. Absolutely no one will be allowed to play if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  8. We will be running Mind's Eye Theater rules with some variations. If you have a question about a rule, please clarify this before game. Storyteller's and Narrators' decisions are final.

  9. All downtime activities must be turned in by Wednesday night at 5:00 PM. Downtime may be emailed or turned in to your genre Storyteller. Please do not call the storytellers with downtime.

  10. One half-hour will be provided before each game for downtime, character questions and general concerns. Please address all questions and concerns at this time. If you are late and miss the opportunity, wait until after the game to talk to your storyteller or narrator.

  11. Warnings are given out to players who disrupt the atmosphere of role-playing for other players. This includes using out-of-character information, arguing rules with a Storyteller or Narrator, and challenging another characters role-playing ability.
    • 1st warning - Just a verbal warning
    • 2nd warning - Asked to leave current LARP session without a refund
    • 3rd warning - Expulsion from LARP with no choice of return
    Warnings are cumulative and do not reset!

  12. We reserve the right to refuse any individual the privilege to play.

  13. Have a good time.... It's only a game!

These guidelines are meant to keep the game fun, safe and interesting. The Storytellers and Narrators are here to help as much as possible and to provide the best game possible. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

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