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You should be paranoid. We’re coming for you, Skippy.

You mean capitalization(should) and punctuation (we’re) don’t you?

a different ...  Sun Sep 28 23:42:51 2003

really, I'd think that before Big Brother came for anyone, he'd learn how to spell.

...  Sun Sep 28 12:15:12 2003

You Should be paranoid. . . were coming for you Skippy. . .

Big Brother  Thu Sep 25 11:34:06 2003

<p>I'd never, ever, ever, expected to see a military conversation happening on the comments page when it went up. I don't know whether to be amazed or amused. :)</p><P>John, stay safe.</p>

Dave "Skippy" Crampton  click to email
Wed Sep 24 10:46:37 2003

DAMNIT PFC, STOP CALLING ME SIR! Anyway, roger all that stuff you said. You groundpounders definitely get better funding than we do.

Adam  Wed Sep 24 09:27:12 2003

I understand, and appreciate the spot correction sir, but with all due respect, the 502 infantry regiment is known to be in Mosul, and I have recieved no orders stating that my friends and family may not know where I am. Also, I don't think it is a funding or a message priority matter, We have been in country for 6 or 7 months now, so the Army made some huge contract for every Company sized element to have a locally supported sattilite internet connection which we pay for by the hour. . . it's really quite nice. It's nice to hear from you sir, and I know you are doing well in the Navy, my best wishes to you. Don Dean, I didn't know you horribly well, but when I played mage you where pretty cool. Thanks for the advice, and concern, always nice to hear from the guys back home. I hope you guys in lansing are doing well at game, don't aurgue too much, and have a nice day.

John  click to email
Tue Sep 23 14:37:16 2003

The Army must get better funding then the Navy. We wouldn't be allowed to get on the Interner if we were deployed because of message traffic priority.

FYI, John... if you're in Mosul, it would probably be a good idea to NOT say that on the Internet. Anyway, stay safe, get lots of medals/ribbons, and get back home.

ENS Adam  Mon Sep 22 20:13:43 2003

Hey John, How are things over there? Keep your head down and come back to us. Take care and GOD BLESS!

Don Dean (AKA ALan Markson)  Mon Sep 22 00:52:50 2003

Well I'm over here in Mosul thinking, I think I will say hello to the old crew. . . I come to the old sight and sure enough you guys are talking about the same stuff saying the same odd, and suspiciously foolish phrases, and I think. . . god bless the normalacy, and predictability of a gamers neglect of his responsibility to grow up. . . . Just throwin a shot out there for my first fellow game companions. . . . JOHN

PFC John Diem  click to email
Sun Sep 21 17:14:44 2003

no, skippy's not dumb. he's dum.

Benny  Fri Sep 19 00:11:29 2003

I see the points made. And I must agree with them. Both Skippy and politics are dumb.

Solomon  click to email
Tue Sep 16 22:36:39 2003

While I do admit that the politcs are dum. I think it's good to take advice from the people that play the games and the cam is like the RPGA. I don't care for it either, But I guess it's better then just asking everyone that plays wht they think.

Don  Mon Sep 15 00:58:44 2003

Skippy's dum.

Benny  Sun Sep 14 11:04:46 2003

Check out the MET Forum and read some of the stuff they write. That and Charles Bailey managed to get someone on the MET Forum banned for something he wrote... ON A DIFFERENT WEBSITE. I don't think I can hold an orginization in high regards if the person WW employs to run it is that big a jackass. I admit they aren't nearly as bad OWbNoxious though.

Not all of them are dicks. Skippy is a good example of a good gamer who hasn't been corrupted by Cam idiocy.

Adam  Fri Sep 12 18:39:49 2003

What's so dum about the CAM? Just because some of the people that belong to it are idiots doesn't mean all of them are. I haven't read the book/short story that ww says it's based on. But I wanna see the movie.

Don  Fri Sep 12 06:48:16 2003

<p>I hope Sony wins. This is the second thing White Wolf has done in the last few weeks which is really DUM(intentional misspelling).<p>

<p>The other DUM thing...<p>

<p>If White Wolf actually takes suggestions from the Camarilla for WoD 2.0, which is what Charles Bailey said they'd do, I don't really care what happens after the ToJ. Charles Bailey is a White Wolf employee who is more or less the intermediary for the Camarilla Fan Club.<p>

Adam  Thu Sep 11 22:46:51 2003

Atlanta, GA, 10 September 2003–White Wolf, Inc. and Nancy A. Collins yesterday appeared in court yesterday with their attorneys in an effort to get legal relief from Sony Pictures', Screen Gems' and Lakeshore Entertainment's alleged copyright infringements in their upcoming film Underworld.

Don  Thu Sep 11 18:31:39 2003

Just wanted to say Hi to everyone.

Don Dean  Wed Sep 10 17:32:58 2003

Hey Skippy -

I fixed the problems with blank fields in the user info, and I set up a bot check that should keep the ads out of the comment page.

I hope having to type 5 extra letters to post a comment isn't too much effort...


Pathwalker  click to email
Mon Sep 1 03:40:23 2003

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