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You know, about the vamps and their meetings... they remind me of something... wait... I think I've got it! But, nahh, who's the Pointy Haired Boss??

Pengie Mistress   <click to email>
- Thursday, O ctober 29, 1998 at 15:36:25 (EST)

Memorable Quote #13: William Listens-to-wind: You have violated the Cairn, and for that you will die! "Toreador": But I... William: Allow me to reiterate...

Bane   <click to email>
- Tuesday, October 27, 1998 at 05:15:23 (EST)

Memorable Quote #12:
*CiA Gang Member spits on Timothy's coat*
*Jonathan whips out his .45 and holds it at a proper distance from the miscr eant's head*
Jonathan: You shouldn't have done that.
CiA: Go ahead and kil l me!!
Jonat han: All right.

Dave Crampton   <click to email>
- Monday, October 26, 1998 at 22:21:46 (EST)

Being a vampire means having an overriding desire to attend pointless me etings and having a taste in bad clothing....

Changeling Viewpoint    - Monday, October 26, 1998 at 20:20:01 (EST)

The Way a Changeling sees it: Look! I'm a Vampire... how exciting, let's go to a meeting now!!

Anonymous Changeling    - Monday, October 26, 1998 at 20:17:38 (EST)

Memorable Quote #11:
Vader: Congratulations, man!
*Vader raises his hand to high-five Jonathan*
*Jonathan eyes Vader strangely*
Johnny: He wants to high-five ya, man.
Johnathan: I see. Thank you.
*Jonathan goes back to typing*

Dave Crampton   <click to email>
- Monday, October 26, 1998 at 12:33:56 (EST)

The City of East Lansing is now stable.
All hail Prince Timothy .

Dave Crampton   <click to email>
- Monday, October 26, 1998 at 12:23:13 (EST)

Memorable Quote #10: Damascus: You're the most sane Malkavian that I've ever met. Jonathan: Is that meant as a compliment, my Prince? Damascus: I supp ose so. Jonathan: I see.

Dave Crampton   <click to email>
- Tuesday, October 20, 1998 at 19:57:35 (EDT)

Memorable Quote #9 Josh : Now, the common mother f**ker has the tendency to bitch out... Demascus : ...What? Josh : But I figure, Why take the chance? *blam*blam*blam*blam*blam*blam*blam*blam*blam*blam*blam*blam*

Josh Avisa   <click to email>
- Sunday, October 18, 1998 at 17:59:07 (EDT)

(singing) I shot ther Prince! ...But I did not shoot the seneschal.

If you don't know already...   <click to email>
- Sunday, October 18, 1998 at 17:54:00 (EDT)

Efficiency... did someone say efficiency... in this city??? What a joke ... the last time I think this city saw effiency was the last time students were treated like human beings.....

Cal    - Saturday, October 17, 1998 at 12:42:21 (EDT)

Great! Just what this city needs, more efficiency. Didn't you people r ealize that anyplace around the Great University of Michigan State leaks inefficiency like banality?

Bane   <click to email>
- Friday, October 16, 1998 at 18:39:00 (EDT)

How messy and unorganized. An efficiency expert is desperately needed i n this wilderness of a City.

Jonothan    - Thursday, October 15, 1998 at 17:42:37 (EDT)

No see how fun this page can be when we all play nice!!?? ;) You all just have to realize that the world of darkness is really just a shiny, happy place, full of fun and merriment. Wouldn't you all agree? :)

Bane   <click to email>
- Monday, October 12, 1998 at 18:13:27 (EDT)

The WebMistress Rules!!!! I love you WebMistress!!!!

The Pickle Goddess   <click to email>
- Monday, October 12, 1998 at 17:44:35 (EDT)

Yuurgh... photos... right. They're sitting in the web directory, waiting to be linked. Look for them up later on today :-). If anyone else has photos to put up, send them to me or something. And I'll probably show up at LARP with a digital camera sometime soon... (so dress in character!)

Webmistress  < click to email>
- Monday, Oct ober 12, 1998 at 09:56:17 (EDT)

Hey WebMistress... how about them photos?

The Pickle Goddess   <click to email>
- Friday, October 09, 1998 at 12:24:39 (EDT)

PLEA FROM THE WEBMISTRESS!! I know I haven't been to the game lately (I'm working on it! Really!), but I wou ld still like to keep this page fairly current. If you feel like you have someth ing that would be cool on our page, email it to me or send me a URL or something . The genre pages are bare (especially the Satyrs, heh heh...), and I need you guys to help me fill them!

Webmistress  < click to email>
- Friday, Oct ober 09, 1998 at 10:15:49 (EDT)

Hey! What's this about "the voice of reason coming from the Malkavian... " I'll have you know that us Malkavians have been pointing out the mistakes of t he Camarila for YEARS!!! ...take the Tremere for instance...

Josh Avisa   <click to email>
- Wednesday, October 07, 1998 at 21:38:14 (EDT)

What is all this about Pyle pinch hitting for Erica? Listen folks, Eric a had legitimate things that took priority over the LARP. It's not like she sai d "Gee, I feel like gallivanting around town tonight, so I'll not storytell..." She had things, real life things, that had to be done. Why don't we all leave the LARP at the Fortress doorstep at the end of the night. There are more important things, li ke sex...

A concerned individual   <click to email> - Wednesday, October 07, 1998 at 20:48:56 (EDT)

Let me say that my cat has been reading these comments and he wonders wh at's up with these crazy humans. I agree with Malk boy. This game may not be p erfect, but what is? We need not bap each other over this. Otherwise, Tralfaz is gonna have t o pays youse a visit...

Wexter Cross   <click to email>
- Wednesday, October 07, 1998 at 19:29:29 (EDT)

Remember all you Kindred, we need more of us in case that Sabbat bastard that has been impersonating me decides to once again stir up trouble with the G arou... Also, I'm thinking another ritual is in order, so sharpen those scaveng ing skills...

Damascus   <click to email>
- Wednesday, October 07, 1998 at 19:26:18 (EDT)

Go Scott! And the voice of reason comes from the Malkavian.... I can on ly laugh and scratch my head....

The Pickle Goddess   <click to email>
- Wednesd ay, October 07, 1998 at 12:06:54 (EDT)

Alright you two, can we knock it off?!?! Jeez, have you both forgoten th e golden rule? IT'S ONLY A GAME!!!! Let's not see our friendships rent asunder b y such petty squabling... I say end of subject, let's just forgive and forget. N ow I'm gunna ge t ROYALLY PISSED if this discussion continues on this comment page. I know I'm n ot the WebMistress...but I must say that I'm extremely defensive of this page be cause I enjoy reading the HUMOROUS, LIGHT HEARTED things people had to say about the games. I'd like that to continue. So don't fight... and if you're going to fight, don't us e the comments page as a battleground, okay?

Scott Jakubowski & nbsp;<click to email>
- Wednesday, October 07, 1998 at 11:05:56 (EDT)

Well, first off let me say, that this comment page is not for your perso nal attacks. Comments are one thing, but personal attacks are another. If ther e is one more personal attack made against anybody on this comment page, the com ment page will be removed from the web-page. Now, to reply to concerns brought up by David. Y ou're half right that the game is for the players, but you forgot that the game is for the storytellers as well. If we didn't have fun or enjoy this, we wouldn 't be doing it. We don't get paid, we don't see any of the money you guys pay, we do this beca use we want to. (All the money you players pay, goes to Fortress for use of the building) On the subject of plots. Players who don't have a plot sit around, out of characte r everynight. It always happens, end of story. Players rarely intiate their ow n plots, they only embellish storyteller plots , and that's fine, that's the nat ural order of things. Sometime storyteller plots are very heavy and narrow and s ometimes they a re light and wide, but they are ALWAYS there. A game without a plot is just a b unch of players sitting around. It's true players don't have the same responsib lities as storytellers. However, we do count on players who have an interest in the game to be there regulary. We do not believe that you cannot count on players for anythin g. If I believed that, I wouldn't have posted my inquiry in the first place. I personally love running the Changeling game and the majority of the players with in the genre are some of the best role-players I have seen. As far as Wraith, we haven't had any wraith players, so I'm not sure what the gripe is as to attention not being paid to that genre. To that end, I would like to know if there are any other constructive commen ts from anyone else. If so, please post them here. Personal attacks can be sent to my e-mail address.

Erica   <click to email>
- Tuesday, October 06, 1998 at 22:30:34 (EDT)

And furthermore, if Pyle didn't have to substitute storytell for you every other week, the plot might be constant, instead of all over the place. Besides, it's not up to the storytellers to make the entire plot. You give the players a setting, a dversaries, and a starting plot, and they go from there. Forcing the players into a strict directional plot is NOT fun for me, as a player or a storyteller. Honestly, you should be thankful that the changeling and wraith genres are still around. They' ve been neglected and are in need of serious involvement by the storyteller. At every instance, I have seen the changelings played well and to the full extent. If, perhaps, you were more involved with the players, you might have noticed this.

Dave Crampton   <click to email>
- Tuesday, October 06, 1998 at 18:40:58 (EDT)

Ok, here's a few comments that stem from my experience as a storyteller: 1. You can NEVER count on players to be there every time. 2. If you offer four genres, you have to expect fluctuating popularity of each genre, which sometimes happens in mass-migration. 3. The game is NOT for the storytellers, it's for the players. They pay. They play. You are providing a service for them. Yes, it's difficult to deal with stuff, but that's true with anything. I guess to sum it all up: Quit yer bitchin'.

Dave Crampton   <click to email>
- Tuesday, October 06, 1998 at 18:33:45 (EDT)

Okay folks, this here is a serious storyteller to player posting. I'm going to go over this at the next LARP meeting, but I wanted you to all start thinking about what I have to say now. It has come to my attention that alot of you would like to try out different genres and that's fine. We offer four genres and we encourage you to try different genres, but the amount of genre crossing is beginning to be a problem. It's not a problem if you play a character for a couple of months or until that character gets killed of, but jumping out of a genre after just a couple of weeks because you find something going on in another genre more intresting or because you're friends have all gone to that genre is disrupting and hard to deal with as a storytell er. We count on players to show up every week and to continue in a genre once they have started unless they find for character reasons they must play a different character or get killed off. I understand that some of you may find problems with the genre you're in after you joined into that genre, but really, after a couple of weeks, how much of a chance have you given that genre. I personally am having a hard time with keeping a good Changeling plot going because of lack of player enthusiasm (meaning players show up every week, and the play their characters to the fullest). Personally because of lack of attention to both the Changeling and Wraith genres, I am considering dropping one of the genres. This decision is not final and I would appreciate player feedback, but I'm not being given a decent chance to tell a good story when I only have one or two characters show up a week. If you want these genres to continue then your support is needed to show it. If not, one of these genres is going to go. This is not meant to be a threat, please don't take it as such, but when I as a storyteller am putting hard work into plots everyweek, and no players show, it's get disappointing. So it's up to you folks. I am going to show up every week with plots in mind and ready to run a good story, but if that's not what you're interested in then that's fine.

Erica   <click to email>
- Monday, October 05, 1998 at 22:03:41 (EDT)

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