november '99 comments

Oh, I see. So, if a small child asks to be smacked in the head really hard with a 2X4 because it wants to, and it's not quite right in the head, you go ahead and oblige it! What the Fuck kind of thinking is that?!?!?! You my dear lady are the one who needs help! And if the changelings return the child to you, then you shall both have to deal with me! I swear I'll call child protective services!!

Nan    - Tuesday, November 30, 1999 at 22:32:52 (EST)


Notice I did not call you Lady, This is because you obviously do not deserve such a title. You hire Worm creatures as guardians, house demented priestess and have a nursery of the dead, yet you claim ignorance. Do you truly believe the readers of this board to be as stupid as you sound? FOR THE LOVE OF GAIA!!! I gave you a chance at salvation and predictably you scoffed at it. Therefore know this: You have until my return to Lansing on Saturday to reveal the identity of your accomplice whom I spoke of earlier or you will cease to be. This is not a threat but simply a statement of events to come. Until Saturday Selena,

Jason WyrmFoe   <>
- Tuesday, November 30, 1999 at 21:45:09 (EST)

First of all, the Black Spirals have _not_ been hired to do any "dirty work", they have been hired to defend the Changeling hold in Lansing; though I may not approve of their methods at times, they seem to have done a damn good job so far. If an alternate means of protection is suggested, I shall look into it, but I shall obviously be wary of many of your ideas.

Mr. Wyrmfoe, I sincerely apologize for not being able to discuss matters with you at the time you came to our home. I was, at the time, deeply involved within matters of Changeling politics (please do not ask further about this; I strive to understand these proceedures, and would be lost at trying to explain them). In regards to my dear friend whom you so brutally murdered, I am most disturbed and upset. She kept mostly to herself, and was quite fond of her sculpures; I severely doubt that those little toys had any "magical powers" over anything.

Further, I know nothing of anyone bearing a "crown of thorns".. I meet with many different people each day, from other nobles to various mortals, but I do believe that I would remember somebody wearing such a thing.

Nan, that "nursery," as you put it, was decorated to the child's wishes. That little girl has some emotional difficulties, and we wish only the very best for her. If nothing more is done, please put our personal differences aside and return her to us, as she requires special attention. If she is not given this care, or even worse, is allowed into the care of those rebellious fae, I fear that her mental state will worsen.

Hopefully this satiates all of your curiousity for the time being. Further, I would like to point out that, though many of you claim our House to be "nasty and dark natured," we have not _done_ anything to anybody: It is _you_ who enter my home and murder my associates, _you_ who disregard honor and attack our freehold without warning or provocation, and _you_ who throw around accusations and berate our name without a complete understanding of what is truly going on. I should thank you to stop. Also, I should mention that declaring emnity on myself and my associates is declaring emnity on the Parliament of Dreams and Changeling society as a whole. I would reconsider before taking such actions.

Obviously, this message is not intended for everybody out there, and I apologize to those who read this but should not have to.

Lady Selena, Duchess of Lansing    - Tuesday, November 30, 1999 at 20:05:49 (EST)

I've added a new name to my account just for LARP business. Dont mean to make more work for Pengie, but I'm tired of sorting. Please send all future vampire downtimes to this address. still works in a pinch, but I get to remove one random trait from your sheet if you use it. ;)

Storyteller Dave   <Storyteller>
- Tuesday, November 30, 1999 at 15:22:59 (EST)

I have decided to stay in Lansing as my servants move on. The evil spirit Ian must be destroyed. He spreads lies and decives you all with his false tongue. The end of the Millineum is a time for rejoicing in enduring faith in God, not for worrying about when the end of the world will come.

Oh, believe brothers and sisters, it will come, but there are specific signs and portents written in the Word of God. Y2K will not be the end of us, no, it is merely a number. Believe not the prophecies and fortunes told by heretics. They cannot reveal the Word of God.

Father Ely    - Tuesday, November 30, 1999 at 07:54:48 (EST)

Kastor's right the fuck on about religion (scary, given that he an angsty vampire, ain't it?). I myself am a daoist; peace, and inner reflection, that what I'm all about. What? You calling me a liar? I'll rip off you're fucking head and shit down your pissant throat ya little whore! Claim I don't have inner peace, little fucking shit-goblin, *mutter* *mutter*...

Corbitt    - Monday, November 29, 1999 at 18:18:01 (EST)

Such corruption and evil in Lansing. How is it that this city suffers from these ills, yet larger cities do not? Is there something attracting antagonists of each supernatural race to the capital of Lansing? Regardless of what the source is, I offer this suggestion to those who worry for the other citizens of our city. Give religion a chance, it doesn't matter which. It has soothed the savage soul of more than one acquaintance of mine. It may also give us some insight as to where Rev. Blake is, which is a concern to both the Garou and the Kindred.

Kastor    - Monday, November 29, 1999 at 16:44:09 (EST)

Well, sounds like trouble is brewing....But just to see if I can clarify a few things...Lady Selena....she is of House Balor...(whatever that is) and hires Black Spiral Dancers to do her dirty work...Sounds like a Werewolf Changeling matter...I know little of either of your groupings but I assume you are fully capable of handling the matters on your own terms. Though if any aid is needed I do offer my services. I must say Im not partial to breastless women...especially those of such a dark nature. Again my services are here however humble they may be to aid you in your struggle to purge this city of such evil. May you be victorious in your crusade.

Kafir Khesef-at   <>
- Monday, November 29, 1999 at 15:33:23 (EST)

Lord WyrmFoe:
As a student of the arcane, I would be very interested to hear a more detailed account of the labyrinth and simulacra that you mentioned finding on the Duchess' property.
With regard to the matter we discussed toward the end of the night last Saturday, reconnaissance showed the site to be entirely innocuous, at least in the physical world. I suspect that the locus of disturbance may vary over time; I was out of town over the recent national holiday, but I will be tracking the disturbance over the coming week. I will let you know of my results as they develop.

Kevin Thorne   <>
- Sunday, November 28, 1999 at 12:30:18 (EST)

There's some fucker out there who has all the stigmatta, I think. The changeling spy network has heard the name Lawrence in regards to said rim-jobber, but we don't know for certain. All we know is that this festering testicular boil is behind all of 'em.

Corbitt    - Sunday, November 28, 1999 at 12:12:16 (EST)

So... there are two people who have a "crown of thorns" or are you trying to say that you're the Lady's ally??

Nan    - Sunday, November 28, 1999 at 10:05:52 (EST)

Dear Duchess,

Speaking for the Werewolves at the time, I came to your manor to discuss peace. I was told that you were to busy to discuss such manors. On further investigation of your compound, I not only discovered our mortal enemies, the Black Spiral Dancers but also a strange labyrinth with a very interesting pot of black liquid and several figurines shaped like other supernatural in the city. Upon interrogation of a women who was guarding said pot, I discovered that like voodoo dolls, theses figurines were being used to inflict harm on my new allies. I therefore had no choice but to destroy the women and take the figurines away from your foul clutches. I find it humorous now how you play yourself the victim. Know this, you and your associates are now our enemies. My suggestion to you is to

A) Flee before you are destroyed B) Reveal the identity of your ally who bears the mark of the stigmata, a Crown of Thornes.

Please do not play ignorant, you are obviously very bad at it. I have sources within your own compound who confirmed seeing you meet with this man. This is your one chance at salvation Duchess, be wise and take it. Until we meet,

Jason WyrmFoe   <>
- Sunday, November 28, 1999 at 01:58:09 (EST)

I have a question for the Lady, but I think I already know the answer. I'm all for using recycled goods to decorate, but having a nursery with bones and bloody limbs seems a bit out there for my tastes. And why, oh, why did you hire black spirals for your protectors.... bad move....

Nan    - Saturday, November 27, 1999 at 18:05:02 (EST)

yup, alexei. Like I've been telling you guys: PSYCHOPATH!!!!

Corbitt    - Saturday, November 27, 1999 at 17:23:51 (EST)

Am I to understand that this Fae Duchess woman freely admits to hiring and housing Black Spiral Dancers?

Alexi Markov    - Saturday, November 27, 1999 at 15:13:30 (EST)

Oh, we'll spar soon enough...

Corbitt    - Friday, November 26, 1999 at 18:43:49 (EST)

I know not where these ideas of us trying to dominate the world or destroying the former ruling body of Lansing came from, but let me assure you that they are completely untrue. We _were_ investigating the disappearance of the former freeholds and nobles, but we've since had to devote our resources to such matters as rebellious activities and attacks from the vampires. If anyone has any proof or information as to what happened to the missing changelings of Lansing, please come forward with it so that we may further our investigation as to the true cause of their disappearance. On the other hand, if you do not have any information, please do not make wild accusations that have no basis in reality. My apologies if I sound irritable, but things have been less then pleasant around here, lately..

And, Corbitt: The Duke will be most displeased when he hears that you backed down; it has been so long since he has experienced a good duel.

Lady Selena, Duchess of Lansing    - Friday, November 26, 1999 at 17:33:41 (EST)

Tactless is my middle name bitch, along with obnoxious and arrogant. As for sparring with your Duke, it just wouldn't be that much fun. Its really not satisfying to shove a maul up someone's ass when they can't scream...Yeah, and I suppose you had nothing to do with the destruction of the other freeholds either, huh titless? Yeah, never mind the fact that you threatened to kill us, and destroy our freehold if we didn't suck you're hemophroditic dick. Go blow yourself whore. I'm sure you're capable of it.

Corbitt    - Friday, November 26, 1999 at 15:44:44 (EST)

My Dear Corbitt: Many times have I seen a person try to conceal the fact that they have no valid argument with insult and slander, but never before have I seen it done with so little tact. As for the Black Spirals, they have been hired to protect the freehold; what they do on their own time is their own business (at first, I admit I wasn't sure that it was an intelligent move on my part to employ them, but considering the recent attacks on our property, I feel quite justified in having them around).

Also, Corbitt, the Duke is always looking for a good sparring partner, and if you wish to combat him I'm sure that he would be more than willing to accept your challenge. A pity your companions would not be able to attend, as we would be forced to capture and most likely execute them.

Lady Selena, Duchess of Lansing    - Friday, November 26, 1999 at 13:47:04 (EST)

Alright listen up folks; this is where we gotta problem. First off, to the werewolfs: the iron bitch has got those black spiral yappers or whatever at her place. I've seen 'em, so have a lot of other people. Normal changelings don't deal with these things. Only psychopaths like members of house Balor do. To the vampires: the lure of a changeling who's angsty like yourselves may be seductive, I know. Keep in mind she has no tits. And finally to the iron bitch, that titless, moustached, cow-fucking inbred overwrought sack of shit: I never swore fealty to you or any other sidhe, nor do I care to. Even if I was, I would sure as hell swear to one who was a)in possession of an intellegence greater than that of my ass, and b) someone who I could fuck without throwing up. Since you're neither, go fuck yourself. You've been planning to kill us since day one, if we didn't go along with your "deliverance-esque" plans for world domination (world domination, from Lansing...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!) so I really don't give a rat's ass what you think. I don't give a rats ass what parliment thinks. All I give a rat's ass about is my flaming maul going straight up your ugly ass (or through you're face; its so hard to tell the difference). Bring it, bitch.

Corbitt    - Wednesday, November 24, 1999 at 09:50:49 (EST)

To the Fae:(you know who you are) Your crimes of treason and attempted storming of the freehold of Lansing have been reported to the Parliament of Dreams, and, as such, you have been officially declared renegades who are to be killed on sight (apparently, with the High King missing and all, they don't screw around). Now, I realize that we as changelings need all of our number working together if we hope to survive, and if you give yourselves up, I shall see that you recieve a less severe punishment. Either way, any further acts against the ruling house of Lansing shall be dealt with in the most unpleasant manner possible.

To the other supernaturals of the area: I find it quite interesting that you constantly speak of treaties and peace, and yet, when it comes to the official Changeling representation in Lansing, you attack us without provocation. Instead, you choose to listen to and have dealings with an idiotic, rebellious motley, led by a pooka, of all people. Be warned: This little band of rogue fae seems very tricky and persuasive, and if you continue to take them at face value, you shall realize only too late how badly you've been manipulated by them. If any of you wish to discuss these matters, do so here; any of your kind caught invading Changeling territory at this point will meet a most hideous demise.

Lady Selena, Duchess of Lansing    - Wednesday, November 24, 1999 at 09:21:02 (EST)

If someone has a concern about LARP, they should talk about it. I tend to think this issue should have been sent to the STs first, and I agree that whoever posted shouldn't have done so anonymously, but if no one knows about people having problems, then we have people walking from LARP because of issues that could have been dealt with fairly easily. Even if everyone in the LARP decides that the children aren't a problem, at least whoever posted knows that his/her concerns are being considered, and that when any of us have a problem with LARP, we can voice our opinion, rather than let it fester.

John   <>
- Wednesday, November 24, 1999 at 09:09:03 (EST)

November 23, 1999: As the week wears on, the weather begins to turn foul. Overcast skies, fog, rain, it wears on my nerves almost as much as the void of my still missing grandson. The millineum approaches quickly. Are even the forces of nature here to hinder us?

Events are coming to a head quickly, perhaps in time to forestall the second Impergium. Still, there is a nagging feeling in my bones that something is missing. My visions come less frequently and are more vague, the future is in flux. Perhaps now *is* the time to take action. I have a promise to keep, to God, and to myself. Still, with no guidance how am I to know if my inaction will doom the mission.

Hast thou forsaken us oh Lord?

Reverend Fransisco Verigosa    - Tuesday, November 23, 1999 at 10:10:35 (EST)

I would like to make a few things clear. First of all... I didnt order you attacked because you lied about your clan. Actually, I never ordered you attacked at all. My Seneschal and Scourge were very concerned with the fact that you came into the city asking for acknowlegement, and then LIED about your clan. For God's sake, I have an Assimite here as well!! What makes you think that I would kill you for being a Setite? I have more important things than clan wars to worry about at this time. I trust my primogen in their abilities to handle any and all clan disputes that may come about fairly and reasonably. The reason that you were "attacked" is because I asked something simple of go to your home and remain there for one hour while myself and the primogen talked about this issue. Obviously, your lie caused some doubt as to whether you could be trusted, moreso than if you had just been honest and told us all that you were Setite.

I am not one to judge people on the proverbial sins of the father...but rather to regard them with respect (or lack of) in what they themselves have done. Do not mistake me though, when I tell you that if you cross me, or give me a reason to remove that regard...I shall be not only your judge, but your executioner as well.

I hope that we can begin again as well, I shall have to speak with my trusted council and recieve their advice before I may freely give an answer to you.

Prince Sarah Buchannan

Prince Sarah Buchannan  <>
- Tuesday, November 23, 1999 at 03:12:03 (EST)

I wasn't bothered by the kids at all. Whoever posted that message, shoud suck it up, not to mention not post it anonymously. Its not that big a deal. I don't want someone to be denied being able to roleplay with us because someone is whining.

Adam   <>
- Monday, November 22, 1999 at 19:31:43 (EST)

All right, I may have a solution to everyone's problems. My roommate is an experienced baby-sitter and at this time has really nothing to do on Saturday nights. She is also in dire need of some extra cash. Please e-mail her at, her name is Ani and maybe she can help you out. Hopefully this will settle the situation so everyone is happy and still at LARP

Pyle   <>
- Monday, November 22, 1999 at 19:29:22 (EST)

First of all, I would like to apologize for the behavior of my children.

Secondly, I would like to tell you, whoever you are, that I am extremely humiliated that this was posted. When there are other problems, the individuals are approached in private and spoken to as such. Obviously that is not the case here. If there was a problem, I feel that whoever had the problem, be it one or many, should have approached me in that manner and spoken to me as such. Obviously, I have been the subject of talk in this matter for a bit now, and this above all else upsets me. I just moved here and dont know of anyone here that babysits. I came to LARP becos I heard it was a lot of fun. Obviously I may not be able to continue. If I am unable to find a sitter by the time of the next LARP I will resign as Prince and let it go at that. I hope that this satisfies everyone.

Lisa   <>
- Monday, November 22, 1999 at 19:00:12 (EST)

All that I can tell you at this time is that the fall of the curse has been seen by my clan as a sign of the beginning of a course of events which is the true purpose of our clan. It is to halt this course of events that we have honed our combat skills for so many years and learned our dread arts. It is both our blessing and our curse, but more importantly it is our duty, to stop this dark fate.

Mistas   <>
- Monday, November 22, 1999 at 12:57:44 (EST)

Okay. This message isn't the most pleasent, but it needs to be posted. I think that I speak for alot of LARPers in posting this. It's something that needs to be said, but no one wants to say anything. Let me first say, that this is in no way meant to offend or sound rude. LARP however, is not a place for children to be. I'm sure that in any other situation that they are nice children, but at LARP, they are a really big distraction. Nothing kills the mood faster when you are trying to run a really serious scene and in run two screaming, excited children. We want you at LARP, but please, leave the children at home.

A concerned LARPer    - Monday, November 22, 1999 at 12:49:42 (EST)

You are quite unlike any Assamite I have seen in my unlife, Mistas. Having been kindred prior to the curse that was placed on your clan, they never got involved in city matters before the curse was brought upon them, or when it was in place... unless they were targetting a mark. From what I hear from a respected elder of the area, your martial capabilities are decent, but not so potent as to leave a trail of bodies as you said. However, if you wish to stay, it is not my position to question your motives.

Kastor   <>
- Monday, November 22, 1999 at 11:31:25 (EST)

Were I here simply to take lives, I would already have left a trail of bodies throughout this city. My clan has sent me here to resolve matters of much graver importance than the random killing of our distant past, and I thought the council of this city was wise enough to see that my intentions are far more pure than many of your own. If you wish to persecute me for the ancient manners of my clan rather than to accept my service and aid, then so be it, but when the fires of the accursed one rain down upon this world, I will not be able to save you all. I would suggest you think long and hard before abandoning my protection. Until our next meeting. Mistas Lord of the fourth circle of the order of Silsila Assamite representative to Lansing Scourge of Lansing

Mistas   <>
- Sunday, November 21, 1999 at 23:19:19 (EST)

The Assamite must leave. He is here solely to take lives. If you were around prior to the Convention of Thorns, you'd know that they care nothing for the laws of our Sect. Their goal is to simply eliminate all kindred save their own clan.

Kastor   <>
- Sunday, November 21, 1999 at 13:32:12 (EST)

Dear Supernaturals,

I would like to announce my presence in the city and the willingness to add any that maybe in need.  This invitation is extended to all supernaturals within this city, Werewolf, Changeling, Vampire, anyone.  If there is something you need I can probably provide it.  I can be reached at the email address listed, please drop me a line and Ill see what I can do for you.  It would be an honor to serve this city.  

Dear Sarah,

I believe we got off to a very bad start....The very reason I did not inform you of my true clan is due to your reaction.  Shortly after discovering I had lied about my clan you had two vampires attack me and my ghouls, as we exited your home peacefully.  I told you I meant no harm to the Camarilla of this city and I meant it.  But I sincerely doubt your capabilities now and wish to go on record as such.  Killing a vampire just cause he is are Prince that is your right, but hardly makes since, when you acknowledge a known murder and diablerist as your Scourge.  I offer you this proposition.  I obey the Traditions, and go about my business, and you leave me alone...I do not step on your toes unless you step on mine.  Ill still provide my services of course.  But lets try to put this incident behind us.  If that is not acceptable I would love to hear why from you.  

Kafir Khesef-at

Kafir Khesef-at   <>
- Sunday, November 21, 1999 at 12:38:22 (EST)

Yo, wandre'n 'grell, we aughta getta 'gether, eh?

Malcom   <>
- Saturday, November 20, 1999 at 10:41:38 (EST)

Father Ely

I and my council would be very interested in meeting with you Saturday evening. Perhaps about 9:30 would be an appropriate time? I hope to see you then.

Sarah Buchannan

Sarah Buchannan  <>
- Friday, November 19, 1999 at 10:49:32 (EST)

As my traveling ministry will be bringing me to Lansing this Sunday (Mt. Hope Church for any that are interested). I would like to be given the opportunity to present myself to Prince Buchannan, under Kindred Tradition. My purpose is not only to bring Faith in God to the hearts of the people here, but also to address any Kindred who may have fears about the upcoming turn of the millineum.

Father Ely  <>
- Friday, November 19, 1999 at 06:42:33 (EST)

Neonate vampires, shortsighted garou cubs, and foolish fae. No wonder this city is full of odd supernatural occurrences. I hope things cool down after Blade has been dealt with and the wraith, Ian, calms down.

A wondering Gangrel looking for a home.    - Thursday, November 18, 1999 at 18:57:15 (EST)

Ok, I gotta question for ya Mr. Wormfoe, wormsmasher, or whatever. After long soul-searching and quiet contemplation, I have decided I can no longer in good faith serve the fae courts. Your impassioned mourning for Akalai's swimming expedition has left me sympathetic to your cause. I wish to enlist as a werewolf, effective immediately. If one of you would be so kind as to point me to your enlistment office, I'll be ready to join you by next saturday.

Corbitt    - Thursday, November 18, 1999 at 17:42:12 (EST)

Señor de Ruiz:

As I see it, there were two events of significant importance:

I hope this satisfies your curiosity.

Kevin Thorne   <>
- Thursday, November 18, 1999 at 00:07:41 (EST)

I've got something(serious) I need to ask the vampire, and the one human and werecritter, PC's at the next game. Before the vamps go in-character, I need to discuss something with them. So, please be on time if possible. If everyone isn't there prior to the game starting, I'll wait till most of the regular PC's arrive, thanks.

Adam   <>
- Wednesday, November 17, 1999 at 18:29:25 (EST)

"Satyr sense... tingling. Underwear on... too tight."

Not a Satyr   <>
- Wednesday, November 17, 1999 at 12:43:11 (EST)

ummm... mock the colonel. He sells chicken!

Nan   <>
- Wednesday, November 17, 1999 at 12:30:21 (EST)

You try to serve foreign beer one more time Steve...Anyway, who the fuck is Ivan? Is he related to Ian? As official bodyguard to the fae, I will escort our leader, treeboy, to the meeting. BTW wolf-people: do you have our newt pooka? We seem to be missing her. If ya find her, let us know. And on another note, since Akalai is swimming in a lake of silver or something, who's going to take over the werewolf position of trashing Steve DiBivic's when you guys show up? Just let us know, so we know which wolfie to flee from and which ones to mock. Thanks.

Corbitt    - Wednesday, November 17, 1999 at 02:39:48 (EST)

Due to the prophetic nature of recent events, High King David has decided that the current High Lord of Balor is not quite disturbing enough (not to mention his insecurity problems). Henceforto, he has declared that I, Steven ap Bulshite, am now Ruler over House Balor, and thus have control of all parts of Lansing which have not yet burned down. As such, I shall expect all supernaturals to assist in the Moon Destruction Program as well as the "Give the Duchess a Breast" Charity Drive. Foreign beer shall be served.

Grand Moff Pooka, Dark Lord of the Third Realm   <>
- Tuesday, November 16, 1999 at 23:23:28 (EST)

Oh look... a SilverFang Sept leader... what a novel idea.

Nan   <teehee>
- Tuesday, November 16, 1999 at 21:02:35 (EST)

I have decided to at this time stake claim to the position of Sept Alpha here in Lansing. This is in no way meant as disrespect to Mr. Webb. However, do to the events surrounding his rebirth as a Garou his majesty King Albrecht has placed him on probation until he has re proven himself as Garou. Therefore it is my right as SilverFang to claim the Alpha position of the Caern of Luna's Pack. I now speak for all werewolves in this city. Thank you very much for your future support.

Jason WyrmFoe   <>
- Tuesday, November 16, 1999 at 20:20:20 (EST)

* sets down her pre-chewed burger and looks around*
*thinks about going to answer distress call... then things again and continues to slurp her burger*
Someone will find you eventually.

Nan   <:P>
- Tuesday, November 16, 1999 at 17:30:34 (EST)

to all Garuo only, you hear a yell of distress.

Martel Stulcovich   <>
- Tuesday, November 16, 1999 at 16:33:28 (EST)

*hands Jason a used tissue*. There, there... it'll be okay. He has his ducky to keep him company.
And oh, You! 7-11 Boy! The slurpee machine is broken!

Nan   <teehee>
- Tuesday, November 16, 1999 at 14:59:53 (EST)

None mourns the lose of Akkali more than myself. How many more of us will fall before the Metis cub is saved? Those of us who attended the meeting with Ivan know what that will shall all share Akkali's fate or worse if we do not find this menace. This William Blake can lead us to him. I call on the aid of all supernatural in the city. You have failed in the past to capture this hunter because you have not worked together. This policy must end now. I would like to meet with the leader of the Vampires and the leaders of the Fae this weekend. Bring 1 bodyguard each and meet at Harper's nightclub at 8pm on Saturday. Please do not bring everyone, remember last time and all the interruptions. I look forward to dealing with you all again.

Jason WyrmFoe   <>
- Tuesday, November 16, 1999 at 14:48:10 (EST)

Ha ha ha... quiet you.

Adam   <>
- Tuesday, November 16, 1999 at 14:25:25 (EST)

Okay Adam. You get to play a mortal named Bob that runs the local 7-11. Your only weapon is a price gun, but you have 3 retests in pricing!
Have Fun!

Your character Sir    - Tuesday, November 16, 1999 at 14:07:39 (EST)

They all died? Well, that sucks. I guess I'll have to play a character again*evil grin*

Adam   <>
- Tuesday, November 16, 1999 at 13:55:10 (EST)

They all died! HA!HA!

Your information sir.    - Tuesday, November 16, 1999 at 13:50:10 (EST)

Come on people. Throw me a bone here. I need the info.

Adam   <>
- Tuesday, November 16, 1999 at 13:25:43 (EST)

Wolves have a couple of options for the chase for Blade. We can do it at the next LARP, either before it starts or just after I do downtimes. Or since most of you live in the Lair of Laziness or visit there quite often, I can come over to play it out some evening this week. Also, regarding the OTHER leftover scene and what came before: (and this is really for future reference only) Advanced Bone Path - Daemonic Possesion was played wrong, but we are playing it out as written anyhow. Daemonic Possesion allows a Soul to control a host's body as per Advanced Dominate: Possession. The only differences are duration, the fact that the host must not have a soul in it's body and the fact that the Possessing Soul must be willing. The Posessing soul can only use the disciplines written under Dominate (all of them) and has no access to the disciplines, gifts, spells, Numina or cantrips of the host. In the current situation however, it will be played as agreed. Just imagine a different and more powerful ritual was used. I apologize for not reading it right the first time.

Dave   <>
- Tuesday, November 16, 1999 at 08:06:47 (EST)

So Who Wants to Be A Millionare?!! That's right, the popular and new show hosted by Regis Philban,who has recently been abducted.... no, caputered, no.... "hired", will do a taping of the popular gameshow at an East Lasning Bar called Steve DeBevic's at 10:00p.m. on Saturday night. All supernaturals... we mean humans who are interested in competeting should show up a half hour early to sign the insurance, ummm... we mean release forms. Grand Prize winner gets to beat the shit out of Regis... No the Grand Prize winner gets the choice of one of the following: A metis cub, the sceptre of Caine, or the key to last gate of arcardia. Good Luck!

Random Changeling Newsreporter  <>
- Tuesday, November 16, 1999 at 00:47:36 (EST)

I have decided to leave the town, all my influences and Businesses will be under control of my Financial Advisor, Anthony. He will now be serving Cosmo, I am going to Vence to study and complete a few tasks. I hope for the rest of you, you have a good life. Farewell all. Vince

Vincent Giovanni   <>
- Tuesday, November 16, 1999 at 00:06:22 (EST)

The dawn's air was chill, and a gentle dew clung to the legs of the warrior as he approached the cave set near the peak of the mountain. A low sulfury smoke wafted forth from within the depths of the entrance. The only sounds coming forth were the faint cries for aid of the noble maiden trapped within, and the deeper rumbles of the beast which held her captive. The warrior stopped before the mouth of the cave and drew forth his shining blade. "Dragon!" he cried "you hold within your domain a most virtuous and pure maiden. I challenge you to fair combat for her life!" The marble floor echoed rhythmically to the sound of 3 score dancers clad in court attire moving in unison. Sounds of laughter and merriment echoed throughout the hall. In one corner, a knight, a satyr, and a sidhe sat in quiet conversation. "certain, my good knight," said the satyr "there is room in our halls for the more...physical tangents of love?" "Nay, simple satyr" replied the knight "the only love to be sought is courtly love, that of poetry and song" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Corbitt sat up in bed, a cold sweat drenching him. He frantically looked around. "No, no, not a court. Just my bedroom. No fucking honorable love, no knights, no bullshit". With a sigh, Corbitt got out of bed and headed over to the corner where all of his stuff was dumped. Removing the flask of moonshine, Corbitt chugged it down, then ate the flask. It helped a little, but Corbitt was unable to contain his rage any longer. He uttered the single cry "SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!", fists clenched in fury. Then he picked up the icepick, the scalpel, and his inks. He had a lot of work to do before dawn.

Corbitt    - Monday, November 15, 1999 at 23:21:42 (EST)

Would one of the kindred in the Domain be so kind as to inform me as to what happened over the weekend? Thank You.

Antonio de Ruiz   <>
- Monday, November 15, 1999 at 18:49:58 (EST)

As we all stood at the edge of the silvery lake and as Akali waits, Nan hands him a loofa and a yellow rubber ducky. "Good Luck!" she says, as she waves Goodbye!

Nan   <nope>
- Sunday, November 14, 1999 at 21:07:43 (EST)

The crowd gathered. There was a mumble throughout the crowd as to what exactly was going on. Why had Akalai called all of them here? Why to the Silver Lake? Why was King Albrecht here? These questions where soon answered. As Akalai spoke, all present were in Crinos..."King Albrecht...Father...Friends...Warriors...Brothers...I call you here for one reason, and one alone. I know not how, but somehow in my fight against the Wyrm, I have become tainted by it. All attempts to cleanse me have failed for some unknown reason. Not only I have been tainted but my klaive, The Tear of Gaia, seems to have been as well. I therefore take it upon myself to destroy the taint that has invaded my spirit." He walked up to his father. "Make sure the name Akalai lives on...and is never forgotten." The unsaid words that passed between them as their gazes locked said volumes. He then walked up to King Albrecht and knelt before him. "I regret that we could not have gotton to know each other better, but this is something that I must do." He stood and offered his hand. Albrecht took it in and shook it firmly. A warriors shake. "Make sure the cub gets raised properly, sir. Gaia depends on it." He took a few steps backward. "I must go now for I will not allow myself to be taken by something that I have fought my entire life, if I return, it will be mean that I have tasks yet to do, and if not, Gaia's War is done with me. Akalai turned, and walked forth into the Lake. The searing pain filled his body but he continued on, klaive in hand. As the silvery water reached his thighs, he collapsed into the water. All present watched the ripples fade away...and then a howl broke out, then another, and another. Howls of Mourning filled the region and filled the Heavens.

A Goodbye...   <>
- Sunday, November 14, 1999 at 13:08:41 (EST)

so who the fuck is he talking to? The changeling, the vamps, the werewolves, the zombies? Errr...forget I said the last one.

Corbitt    - Saturday, November 13, 1999 at 17:09:21 (EST)

Hey, #22:

You wanted me to read them; I've read them, such as they are. Contact me again, and we'll talk about what I can do for you...and what you can do for me. TANSTAAFL, babycakes--there ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

The One Who Has Been Contacted   <uknowho@uprobably.knowhere.too.dammit>
- Saturday, November 13, 1999 at 15:55:27 (EST)

Nan: Not quite all. Notice that he's changed the time-stamp that he copied; it now seems to indicate that he wants a meeting (or that he intends to do something unpleasant to someone, or both) at 11:35 PM.

Kevin Thorne   <>
- Saturday, November 13, 1999 at 15:51:03 (EST)

Ian. You don't have a creative bone in your body..... all your blabbering is from other postings, just cut and paste together! Blah.... no fun anymore.

Nan   <...not going to explain yet again.>
- Saturday, November 13, 1999 at 01:14:31 (EST)

prozac man, the shits the bomb. Try it.

Corbitt    - Friday, November 12, 1999 at 19:29:13 (EST)

I need to speak with you on a matter of some urgency, As a final note the End Is Near you'll wish you'd never been born!!!! Now you understand we have a problem, we really must admit to making mistakes Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought . allow me to introduce myself. I am this crazy f*uck Ian have come here to help us deal with the long winter for you!!!!! I would like to request a meeting with you to inform us as to why we should care I already know quite a fucking lot about this shit, I went to his location Granger Inc. just because I can Jesus Christ! - Saturday, November 13, 1999 at 23:35:47 (EST) You're ass is mine Saturday Don't f*ck with us because I'll have to run and hide I would assume that your word is good, give us the info we want have information about the missing cub if he dies the treaty is broken, so i hope you understand Hope to see you all there!!!! all your pansy-ass friends and family will all die, had been corrupted and attacked dealings with wyrm creatures inbred deformities Who ordered delivery? Please forgive any outbursts ::Just reads the board and sighs::

this crazy f*uck Ian   <Granger Inc. ">Granger Inc. >
- Friday, November 12, 1999 at 18:32:11 (EST)

We go to all this fucking trouble to create a fucking werewolf fun room, and you guys aren't even going to show? What the hell!!!!! I feel hurt. Ya know, I may be a gothed out, pierced mother fucker on the outside, but inside I have feelings too. *sniff, sniff* On another note, YOU'RE GOING DOWN YOU SQUIRREL BITCH!!!!! I'll eat your whoop ass, you beatdown, and anything else you wanna throw at me, just like I ate your mother. You can posture, you can threaten, but when we get into the ring, only one of us is gonna walk out with the belt, and we both know who that's gonna be. I'm gonna go balor on your ass!!!!!

Corbitt    - Friday, November 12, 1999 at 14:36:21 (EST)

I think the Garou are chicken...

^_^    - Friday, November 12, 1999 at 13:08:12 (EST)

Hey, Corbitt: I'm getting the distinct impression that you _want_ some of _this_. Well, luckily, Steve DeBeavic's is having a special on _this_ starting Saturday, with your choice of side dish: Beatdown, head-caving, or whoop-ass (not that crappy canned whoop-ass, either; we've got fresh, homemade whoop-ass, straight from Steve to your face!). No man beats The Island!

"The Island"   <>
- Friday, November 12, 1999 at 09:11:16 (EST)

I used to wrestle when I was in High School (yes... I went to High School). So, for a small fee, I would be willing to coach whichever of your crazy asses needs it most. Cash only... up front. You won't be sorry.

Nan   <they won't finance me>
- Thursday, November 11, 1999 at 18:50:36 (EST)

Were we just challenged to a sparing match? As much as I like to accept we have pressing business to attend. Thank you for going through all the extra effort of a "Werewolf Fun Room" but we really must decline. Let me be the first to congratulate the winner, whomever it turns out to be! Thank you once again for the invitation,

Jason WyrmFoe   <>
- Thursday, November 11, 1999 at 18:37:41 (EST)


???    - Thursday, November 11, 1999 at 16:34:16 (EST)

I've got an early Christmas wish... for a stable server.

Adam    - Thursday, November 11, 1999 at 14:40:48 (EST)

I wish I could attend this social mixer, and I regret I cannot participate in the no holds barred wrestling tournament. Alas, I have matters of some importance to accomplish during the weekend that will require my full attention. Till the 20th.

Antonio de Ruiz   <>
- Thursday, November 11, 1999 at 14:39:50 (EST)

My teeth are yellow, not pearly white, and when you feel them clamp down on your measley squirrel ass, you'll know exactly what that ham sandwich felt like!!!!!!! Your poetry won't save you now, Steve; you better pray to whatever squierrel deities you hold sacred that once I'm done mangling you and have the granny belt in my possession, that I don't go after all your pansy-ass friends and family just because I can. Come saturday, its the long winter for you!!!!!

Corbitt    - Thursday, November 11, 1999 at 12:35:33 (EST)

You'd better have some damn good dental insurance, Core-Butt, 'cause its gonna cost a lot to get _those_ pearly whites back in yer skull! The Granny Belt is a symbol of courage and skill, and the closest thing I've seen out of you was when you defeated the wily Ham Sandwich, you pansy vamp wanna-be! Your "Redcap Chomp Hold" won't even begin to get past _my_ books and poetry! No man beats The Island!

"The Island"   <>
- Wednesday, November 10, 1999 at 17:44:21 (EST)

You're ass is mine Saturday, Steve!!!! When I step into that ring, the long winter is coming for your fuzzy hide! When I put you in my patented "redcap chomp hold" you'll wish you'd never been born!!!! Enjoy your last precious minutes with the granny belt, Steve, 'cause Saturday its gonna be mine!!!!!!

Corbitt    - Wednesday, November 10, 1999 at 14:17:54 (EST)

Steve DeBivic's would like to extend a warm welcome to all the new supernaturals in the area. We would also like to offer a formal invitation this Saturday for the 1st ever changeling/werewolf/vampire social mixer. Come visit all your new angsty/pissed off/insane friends at Steve DeBivic's!!! If any of you have a special talent, and would like to try out for the changeling gong show, let us know!!! A special "werewolf fun room" will be provided, so our furry friends will still be able to enjoy themselves at the party if they suddenly feel the urge to kill. And to cap the night off, a no-holds barred, free for all pro-wrestling match! Winner takes coveted granny belt, and gets free drinks at Steve DeBivic's for a year (Note: offer good only 1 pm to 1:30 pm every other Thursday in months that start with "A"). As a final note, all proceedes go to the "give a pimp a ho fund" providing start up capital for poor pimps to get on their feet again and build up their employment pool of hos. Hope to see you all there!!!!

Steve DeBivic's   <>
- Wednesday, November 10, 1999 at 14:14:19 (EST)

Does it take a BoneGnawer to figure out that whoever this crazy f*uck Ian is, that keeps spewing his nonsense online is trying to tell us that the End Is Near?? God I hope so...

Nan   <money, money, money>
- Wednesday, November 10, 1999 at 13:08:43 (EST)

raen si dne eHt raen si dne eHt raen si dne eHt raen si dne eHt raen si dne eHt raen si dne eHt raen si dne eHt raen si dne eHt raen si dne eHt raen si dne eHt raen si dne eHt raen si dne eHt

1@|\|   <raen si dne eht>
- Wednesday, November 10, 1999 at 07:19:54 (EST)


Downtimes are due today. Please get them to your respective storytellers sometime today.

Influences have been processed. People who didn't get them in to me last LARP (influences above 2 that is) can either include them in downtime or get them to me next LARP. Also on the topic of Influences, I'll need workups of who exactly represents the influence you control. A Level 5 Influence represents the largest coherent group in the area, but not ALL the influence in that area. Level 4 would be the next tier (Granger Inc. or the Board of Water and Light instead of say General Motors would be good examples of level 4 Industrial Influence)and Level 3 would probably be something like where I work Federal Forge, 200 workers or so supplying larger automakers.

All this will hopefully make your influences more concrete and powerful. If you'd rather, I will assign the specifics of your influences.

Dave   <>
- Wednesday, November 10, 1999 at 07:03:16 (EST)

I thought I would take this opportunity to thank all of those who assisted in the assault on King Brewery and Webb Alpha Complex. Thanks to the combined effort we were able to defeat a powerful enemy. I hope that we will be able to grow on this great start to our co-existence. Unfortunately, this victory did not come without cost. We were un-able to rescue the cub from the hands of Pentex and Matthew Walks-To-Moon, who many of you knew as "War" was killed. After months of imprisonment at the hands of Pentex he had been corrupted and attacked us as we searched for the cub. This is indeed dire times for all of us. May Gaia protect us all. Untill we meet again my friends,

Jason WyrmFoe   <>
- Tuesday, November 09, 1999 at 21:28:33 (EST)

Please note my new email address,, and use it for all in-character messages.
Thank you.

Kevin Thorne   <>
- Sunday, November 07, 1999 at 11:38:15 (EST)

You are correct Mr. Shawdowlord, forgive my miss type. Even we of the Silverfangs can admit to making mistakes. I was unaware of any more of our kind besides our pack in this city! Perhaps I can have the honour of meeting you. I applaud Mr. Corbit's knowledge of history and I look forward to further discussions with him. Ms. Sarah Buchannan, I assume you are female? it is so hard to tell with names these days. Forgive me for being rude but it is not normally in our nature to have dealings with wyrm creatures like yourself. However, if you have information about the missing cub, please contact me at or leave a message for our pack spokesman Thomas Hagan on this board and we would be delighted to meet with you. Enjoy your evening,

Jason WyrmFoe   <>
- Sunday, November 07, 1999 at 01:13:24 (EST)

Fuck you all! *flicks off everyone*

Corbitt    - Saturday, November 06, 1999 at 13:33:50 (EST)

Jesus Christ! Do we always have to be getting out the big guns??? *flicks off a booger*

Nan   <...not likely>
- Saturday, November 06, 1999 at 13:31:12 (EST)

Who cares who the Alpha is? Just "Kill'em All"!

Metallica    - Saturday, November 06, 1999 at 11:51:09 (EST)

Okay, which one of you is the Alpha, again? *flicks off the saftey*

Grand Moff Pooka, Dark Lord of the Third Realm   <>
- Friday, November 05, 1999 at 18:05:08 (EST)

::Just reads the board and sighs::

Cosmo  <>
- Friday, November 05, 1999 at 15:06:23 (EST)

Some cousin, can't even spell his kin's name correctly. Its ALBRECHT you fool. I suppose that's a side effect of inbreeding, lack of literary skills. You see, the kin of The Margrave would never make such a mistake.

Shadowlord Man    - Friday, November 05, 1999 at 13:31:56 (EST)

Its debatable how much of the Hapsburg's eccentricity was real and how much existed as rumor mongering started by political opponents of the Hapsburgs, and was probably greatly exagerrated. The entire concept of inbred deformities among the ruling caste of Europe is somewhat embellished; while certain family lines did produce certain rare diseases as a result of stagnation of the gene pool, the fact of the matter is is that marrying first cousins does not entail the limitation of the gene pool to a severity often credited with the ruling powers of Europe. Look at the Native American peoples: in many tribes, there was consistent and regular marrying of first cousins with little or no problems of genetic aberration (at least not any more than is pronounced in other populations). So to answer your question, Mr. Werewolf, I already know quite a fucking lot about this shit, and to all the rest of you who know me: you bet I can fucking read so blow me. Now, if you all will excuse me, I've got a bottle of tequila to drink and several fine mexican hookers downstairs waiting for me. See ya fuckers next week.

Corbitt    - Friday, November 05, 1999 at 11:27:12 (EST)

- Saturday, November 06, 1999 at 21:35:47 (EST) Sarah Buchanan #%KJ9ijmd&fInd,yoU..aaj./

IanIan  <';6#$;lkmpo3'Dkpd9u-0EDDfp;oi>
- Friday, November 05, 1999 at 06:48:24 (EST)

Watch yer little point teeth jerbroni asses, the Rock is coming to town, you god damn candy ass Vic, I am Darkness i will have you all put in hell, (Voice box) You will all die, Hey Vic after im done smashing beer cans over your head, ill proceed to stun you you little son of a bitch.

The Rock, Stone Cold, Kane, The Undertaker    - Friday, November 05, 1999 at 04:16:44 (EST)

Garou of Lansing~

I would like to request a meeting with you to find out what kind of information it is that you are seeking regarding the child Garou.

I would also like to make it clear that *I* am the Prince of Lansing, no disrespect to you or your pack intended, simply a reminder to Mr. Pisanob that all decisions made regarding Kindred in the City need to come from me.

Prince Sarah Buchannan

Prince Sarah Buchannan  <>
- Thursday, November 04, 1999 at 22:29:00 (EST)

Let me reiterate (that's a big word for a bonegnawer isn't it?) what Tom said: Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, I want to be important, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. For those of you who don't understand Garou speak.. that's okay, I don't really get it either.

Nan   <ummm... that damn money thing>
- Thursday, November 04, 1999 at 20:06:25 (EST)

Fair enough, werewolves.

Vic Pisanob   <>
- Thursday, November 04, 1999 at 19:53:35 (EST)

Please forgive any outbursts my pack may have made. I am Thomas Hagen, spokeperson for our pack. Any dealings with the pack are to go through me. This is not meant as a token of disrespect. Our leader is eccentric as were the Hapsburgs (read your history supernaturals and learn) and is not used to dealing with outsiders. If you choose to be troubled with this arrangement, that is your affair. What our alpha has said about non-interference is quite correct. We have a mission that overrides all else. We do not care what you do in this pathetic town, as long as you do not cross us. Play your games and try to ignore Apocalypse as it enfolds around you...

Thomas Hagen    - Thursday, November 04, 1999 at 19:35:47 (EST)

Well... umm... Okay. Yeah, I guess the bigboss already said just about everything that needs to be said. Let me say this though. I may be smelly. I may be dressed funny. I may be dirty. But I'm not stupid!!! Well, okay... I may not be the tastiest chocolate in the box, but damnit.... I forgot what I was going to say. I hate computers... Oh yeah. Don't f*ck with us because I'll have to run and hide and then I would lose renown and that would be bad, or so I'm told, but I really don't give a rat's ass (No offense to the big Rat Totem!) Cuz if you beat me up, then our Big Guy will have to beat you up! He'll do it to... oh... so... give us the info we want.... although I highly doubt you'll be nice and cooperative.

Nan Fights with Pretzels... but you can call me "Nan"   <That costs money doesn't it?>
- Thursday, November 04, 1999 at 18:50:17 (EST)

Supernaturals of Lansing, allow me to introduce myself. I am Jason WrymFoe, cousin to his majesty King Albrich, Lord of the Garou. My pack and I have come to this city for one purpose, the retrieval of a baby Garou left here by the previous pack. This baby is to be brought to the protection of the King, by orders of his majesty. Any information would be looked kindly upon. A gently warning, please do not try to interfere with us. As I read this "Board" I have decided that you have no fear of Gaia's warriors. I warn you not to judge the lot of us on one inept pack, you shall suffer if you do. Enough unpleasantly. I may be reached at my e-mail address, I look forward to dealing with my new neighbours.

Jason WyrmFoe   <>
- Thursday, November 04, 1999 at 17:45:20 (EST)

Looks like incoherent, in character garbage to me.

Dave   <>
- Thursday, November 04, 1999 at 13:16:00 (EST)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the guestbook was for In-Character and game related out-of character discussion.

Adam   <>
- Thursday, November 04, 1999 at 09:36:30 (EST)

2349unmlDS2ns$#aDaMaDaMaDaMaDaMaDaM<.wel34[]fiNd29mE897 .,m23... .

ianianianianianianian  <>
- Thursday, November 04, 1999 at 07:17:40 (EST)

Bleeargh! Stop the incoherent typing of random letters!

Adam   <>
- Wednesday, November 03, 1999 at 16:25:17 (EST)


skippy   <4 days left...>
- Tuesday, November 02, 1999 at 23:54:58 (EST)

kksjdhw,32@#slTSdikj%q sdflp]P{ W~aNgrYeeefg\\\\\\\\\\\\\

iiiaaaaaaaannnnnnn  <.....ssssssss...ldwwe23#@www''''''''>
- Tuesday, November 02, 1999 at 19:37:05 (EST)

Please inform us as to why we should care Giorgio was in control of an insubstantial hell-hole.

Mocking the Giovanni    - Tuesday, November 02, 1999 at 19:21:11 (EST)

#%Kpfdoi$ HWLPlika sjhelp.1 lkDIe5 alskj,, !@hU3ngRy^st3dv j;4#$kl;kj34iopuvz45&:::.............. .. . .. . .. . .. .

ian  <djhkxkj>
- Tuesday, November 02, 1999 at 07:17:49 (EST)

Well im seeing we are not getting anywhere here, SO you can bet we will take your invitation of being present for the trial. Oh and Okemos was never under your control, It was Giorgio Giovanni who controled okemos.

Vincent Giovanni   <>
- Monday, November 01, 1999 at 16:27:59 (EST)

After so very much controversy on the issue of Michael, I went to his location last night, and unstaked him. He remains under STRICT house arrest, and has sworn not to use any of his powers to try to escape as long as he is allowed to feed. In exchange for this, he gave me the information that I requested.

Michael states that he does NOT work for the Giovanni, and never has. Furthermore, he stated that he had never been approached regarding working for the Giovanni at any time. He still swears loyalty to the Camarilla, which places him under MY jourisdiction and domain. The trial WILL be held.

Any attempt to take him from his location by the Giovanni will break the Treaty that Vincent and I made. I do not want a war with the Giovanni, I feel, again, that I have things to do here for the Camarilla to ensure that it is safe for us. However, I do expect that the agreement that we made will be honored to the letter. Thank you for your time.

Prince Sarah Buchannan

Prince Sarah Buchannan  <>
- Monday, November 01, 1999 at 11:25:46 (EST)

So... the State Police are going to show up if we don't give up Michael? Sweet! Who ordered delivery?

Hungry Vampire    - Monday, November 01, 1999 at 08:25:34 (EST)

Regarding Downtime: Only 1/3 downtime credit XP for each between game session, be it one week, two weeks, whatever. I think this was the past policy and I dont see any reason to change it. You do get two weeks of downtime to use influences and whatnot however. Wednesday is a good day to have downtime in by, but right now we're letting people go until the Friday before the game.

Dave   <>
- Monday, November 01, 1999 at 07:07:29 (EST)

Now you understand we have a problem, Michael was put on our payrole before i brought him to you, and therefore he is working for me, if he dies the treaty is broken, so i hope you understand my terms because at this point i expect him to be handed over to us. And as far as motals the State Police has juristiction over the State of Michigan, and they will be coming for him, we can make this a lot easier than it seesm right now.

Vincent Giovanni   <>
- Monday, November 01, 1999 at 02:26:44 (EST)

A few comments...

1.To Mr. Giovanni~

To my knowlege, Michael has been unable to sign any kind of "employment agreement" with you, seeing as he is in torpor. At the time that he was arrested, he was not employed by anyone; he claimed loyalty to the Camarilla. Claiming loyalty to the Camarilla means means that he will be tried under Camarilla laws, and if found guilty of the crimes accused, he will be executed under those same laws. I wish no grievance with you, or your family. I personally have many other things to worry about, such as securing the city for the Camarilla. Michael WILL stand trial. We pledged to eachother,you and I, and I would assume that your word is good, that I would control affairs in Lansing and you would control Okemos. Michael was arrested and is currently in LANSING, which makes this my affair.

2.To Mr.Ruiz~

While I appriciate that you have come here to help us deal with Blade, attacking the Giovanni with words or otherwise is not a good course of action. We are here to fight Sabbat, and not eachother. Blade must have your undivided attention, he is dangerous, as I am sure you have heard. While I have spoken to him on several occasions, I have no doubt that when it is my time, he will not hesitate to try to strike me down as well. I can only hope that you are as good as I have heard that you are. Mr. Pisanob spoke highly of you. Do not disappoint us, as so many others have. I would like to meet with you as soon as possible.

3. Malcolm

I need to speak with you on a matter of some urgency, please contact me as soon as possible.

Prince Sarah Buchannan

Prince Sarah Buchannan  <>
- Monday, November 01, 1999 at 00:07:27 (EST)

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