may '01 comments

I'm back, mwa ha ha ha! Oh, uh, sorry. No game this weekend. It be a skip week.

Adam    - Thursday, May 31, 2001 at 23:54:26 (EDT)

ok... internet's finaly back up... where is the game this weekend?

jen   <click to email>
- Thursday, May 31, 2001 at 16:20:39 (EDT)

Here you go

Christine   <click to email>
- Thursday, May 31, 2001 at 11:19:49 (EDT)

What is your email Christine?

George   <click to email>
- Wednesday, May 30, 2001 at 23:15:07 (EDT)

If anyone wanted to hang at my place over the weekend they are more then welcome but I haven't had much luck calling people since they have either not been home or the line was busy. If you would please e-mail I would be able to get ahold of you much easier

Christine   <click to email>
- Wednesday, May 30, 2001 at 19:41:44 (EDT)

Question: Do skip weeks count as two weeks IC time? or just one? Do we get to turn in two downtimes? And do we get the XP for two downtimes?

George   <click to email>
- Wednesday, May 30, 2001 at 15:10:35 (EDT)

Fearless Leader.... I dig it :)

George   <click to email>
- Tuesday, May 29, 2001 at 22:38:59 (EDT)

Kindred of Lansing: Our request appears to have been misinterpreted. We only need resources for our retaking of Chicago. We have the personal, but lack the items and services to adequately retake the city. However, if you feel better suited to lending a hand personally, your help will not go unnoticed.

Gregory Smythe, Thrall to Prince Maxwell   <click to email>
- Tuesday, May 29, 2001 at 19:33:54 (EDT)

Indeed I am only too aware of the current political status of the city. I can only ask for what philanthropists might have to spare. If you have nothing then I, and my six "family members" will have to fend for ourselves. We will pay our dues with our countrymen with our blood if we must. Obviosly if you are not supporting those who are risking their life so that you may live with a semblance of humanity. If you are not going to join us, fine, Lansing needs support of numbers. If you cannot give money, or other support, then give it another outlet, and do not stockpile it selfishly with only your own safety in mind. Remember I go knowing that I might indeed die at the hand of monsters, and I have never been considered an idiot where survival was an issue. Know that despite your discurtesy toward me, I have proved my restraint, and mettle. I have earned the repect of our fearless leader, and am still willing to fight on your side, and spill my own blood. Call me thrall if you wish, but I am doing more in the war at the moment, for my power at least. Than any man here. Insult me, and deprive me of rescources, but I will fight for my kin to the last drop of blood.

Vladamir Kruchev    - Tuesday, May 29, 2001 at 18:59:55 (EDT)

Mr. Kruchev, I hope you are aware that Chicago is still under the control of the Sabbat. Until Prince Maxwell receives the assistance his Thrall requested, it will remain so.

GB    - Tuesday, May 29, 2001 at 12:40:08 (EDT)

Vinny- Thanks for the buzzer. I really enjoy it.

The Fuzz   <click to email>
- Tuesday, May 29, 2001 at 10:40:04 (EDT)

I am going to Chicago as you all know, and I will be gone for some time. However, my children will have to stay home, the exeption would be "insert Jen's charactars name here" whom I might have use for. Please speak to me before i leave tomorrow. If you miss my departure call "my cell phone #" and I will make arrangements.

Vladamire Kruchev   <click to email>
- Monday, May 28, 2001 at 15:50:27 (EDT)

What is this Hooters?

Dominic Giovanni    - Saturday, May 26, 2001 at 13:42:20 (EDT)

Hello to all my friends in East Lansing! I, your Setite ambassador to the city, would like to announce the opening of a "Hootters" franchise right here in East Lansing. The Grand Opening will be next weekend, June 1st! I will unfortunately be out of the city this weekend. I have the honor of travaling to Cairo for a ancient Edgyptian Tomb opening! How very exciting! I wish you all could join me. Do not fret my friends for I shall have HOURS worth of slides to present apon my return. Good day to you then.

Reginald Arnold Tommoson IV    - Saturday, May 26, 2001 at 02:51:40 (EDT)

Fortress. :)

Mike   <click to email>
- Friday, May 25, 2001 at 23:10:01 (EDT)

ummmm. . . Where is game Tomorrow?

Jason ROland   <click to email>
- Friday, May 25, 2001 at 21:28:41 (EDT)

Yea the Sabbat/Skippy;s Game

Mark    - Friday, May 25, 2001 at 00:36:51 (EDT)

FYI: Current time: 10:50pm Thursday night. For those of you that don't have your downtime in yet, you have 1 hour and 10 minutes to get it in. :) Thanks.

Mike   <click to email>
- Thursday, May 24, 2001 at 22:48:59 (EDT)

A Few things.. New email.. Lookie! Name of a Velvet Underground song.. and About some diverting players from fortress. I had stated before that I have been bored with thje fortress game.. No offense to the Current ST's but past storylines/plotlines have beaten me about the head with stupid. I'm currently doing the sabbat thing because it's only twice a month. And that works out perfectly because I don't feel obligated to go someplace every weekend. With the way my hours are seeming to increase at a very high rate it is doubtfull I will be gaming at all. As of now I actually get out of the house one night of week. And thats to pay Bills. So no, skippy has not stolen me, although I just know some of you would have hoped it would have. I'm just plain bored with LARPing, nothing specific that did it. It's just become mundane and predictable for me.

Zach   <click to email>
- Thursday, May 24, 2001 at 02:04:04 (EDT)

This is to anyone who needs the help, I know when i started larping i had trouble figuring out which retests were the right ones for certain scenarios. If anyone needs help on how combat works or tests and re tests email me or speak to me before larp. As Combat Judge id like to make sure everyone has a understanding of what there getting into and make sure everything works the way they understand it. Thanks

Cho Cho The Combat Judge   <click to email>
- Wednesday, May 23, 2001 at 20:55:53 (EDT)

Adam, if you were referring to my game taking players away, I had a low turn-out on Saturday as well, so it wasn't me. I think the only past Fortress players I had were Blodgett and Jake.

Dave "Skippy" Crampton  <click to email>
- Wednesday, May 23, 2001 at 08:49:44 (EDT)

John, if ya need to talk to an ST, all of our emails are on the contact page :) Drop me an email about what's up.

Mike   <click to email>
- Wednesday, May 23, 2001 at 01:38:34 (EDT)

due to a political science class for overachievers, I will now be using alot of things in game that nobody has heard of, thus I need to speak to an st so that I can dominat. . . uh I mean play the game better. . . yeah. . . And will someone contact me as to the status of my childer I have not heard from her in quite some time, and am getting agitated! John Diem

john diem   <click to email>
- Wednesday, May 23, 2001 at 00:27:53 (EDT)

by the way.. that 'becca' comment was not directed about the becca you all know.. it's a local idiot...

jen again    - Tuesday, May 22, 2001 at 23:31:51 (EDT)

I might not be able to make it this weekend... however... I might be able to. good god.. this seems so redundant.... I need sleep.

jen   <click to email>
- Tuesday, May 22, 2001 at 23:31:12 (EDT)

I heard another game diverted some of the player base. Hopefully, it's a rare to never again problem.

Adam   <click to email>
- Tuesday, May 22, 2001 at 18:15:58 (EDT)

I dont think the Fortress LARP has ever turned away new players. And yes, we do need more numbers. I hope that last game was just a fluke, but if it wasnt, then we definitly need some new recruits.

George   <click to email>
- Tuesday, May 22, 2001 at 17:33:58 (EDT)

quick question... if I can find a couple of people 'interested' (as they say) in the game.. should I bring them (we're kind of running low on players)? And trust me... I won't bring anyone truly stupid (Branden... think "Becca")..

jen   <click to email>
- Tuesday, May 22, 2001 at 15:42:40 (EDT)

I'll be working on getting the new Influence stuff ready and to skippy today. So hopefully tonight or tomorrow they will be up on the page. :)

Mike   <click to email>
- Tuesday, May 22, 2001 at 12:43:16 (EDT)

i know but i dont want to come over every other day just to use your computer.

Branden Perkins    - Tuesday, May 22, 2001 at 12:42:07 (EDT)

duh... branden... who lives about 2 miles down the road from you.. you silly dope?

jen   <click to email>
- Monday, May 21, 2001 at 23:31:33 (EDT)

i cant contact you in e-mail cause i dont have the net except at school and i dont want to be booted this close to grad.

arnold/branden perkins   <click to email>
- Monday, May 21, 2001 at 12:45:01 (EDT)

Out of loop... d'oh.

Adam    - Monday, May 21, 2001 at 11:23:58 (EDT)

*chuckles at Adam* :) yah, we are usin' them. Several of us bought them and we all love them. The rules are good and they make sense. :) Gimmie a call or AIM or something you silly out-of-town storyteller type. *chuckles*

Mike   <click to email>
- Sunday, May 20, 2001 at 22:58:48 (EDT)

Support your local Fortress. You receive a 10-15% discount on all items purchased there. Items include roleplaying supplements, comic books, the occassional DVD or VHS cassette(usually anime related), toys, and minatures. As long as an item is available, Eric will also special order it for all interested parties if he doesn't have it in stock.

Fortress Publicist    - Sunday, May 20, 2001 at 17:41:39 (EDT)

That's what happens when ST's actually communicate. Anyway, I just heard the new MET book, Dark Epics, was more or less written and play tested by those idiots that make up the Camarilla Fan Club. In the past, and hopefully it'll be re-instated, the Fortress's game has used the most up to date rules available. However, seeing as The Camarilla runs several rules' mechanics different than in other MET books, should we use the rules in Dark Epics? From what I've heard on the MET Forum, it sounds like a waste of $15.

Adam   <click to email>
- Sunday, May 20, 2001 at 17:37:25 (EDT)

*clap clap* thats for our new St's the amount of organization i saw at that game was massive, its almost like an entire new Larp, the New influence wow!. Keep it up guys!

Mark C    - Sunday, May 20, 2001 at 17:32:46 (EDT)

Sorry for the late post as game is in 1 hour. The game is at the fortress tonight. Thanks.

Mike   <click to email>
- Saturday, May 19, 2001 at 18:16:48 (EDT)

My children, I would appreciate it if you would be on your best behavior tonight, as I must leave this week on a class on Political Science for the week. I judge you all capeable to make your own decisions, but please remember your actions, by tradition, reflect on your sire. Therefore I ask on behalf of the entirity of the family that you remain peaceful, and compliant to your political counterparts during the nights festivities. Enjoy your night on the town. It will be interesting to note which of my children behaved best. . .

Valintine Kruchev   <click to email>
- Saturday, May 19, 2001 at 15:14:06 (EDT)

Jason yes they are

Mark    - Saturday, May 19, 2001 at 14:27:37 (EDT)

Mr. Wing,I am glad to hear this... I shall see you tonight, I presume.

Casey DeVenco   <click to email>
- Saturday, May 19, 2001 at 14:23:14 (EDT)

...Casey. Im fully aware of the state of my holdings and influence inthe city as a result of the 'slackers incident' and do plan to discuss this fully with those involved but i will save that for a personal meeting.

Johnathan Wing   <click to email>
- Saturday, May 19, 2001 at 07:50:09 (EDT)

Is game at the Fortress, or the Gardens?

George    - Saturday, May 19, 2001 at 03:46:22 (EDT)

ooc/ic question. We were invited to the Kellog center and to walnut hills country club. And since Im ignorant IM asking. Are those two different invitations to two different places?

Jason Roland   <click to email>
- Saturday, May 19, 2001 at 03:38:07 (EDT)

Mr. Wing... I am glad to hear of your return to the city, however brief... and I trust that you have had no further problems regarding the "Slackers" incident. -regards

Casey DeVenco   <click to email>
- Friday, May 18, 2001 at 16:04:30 (EDT)

What timming for this wonderful tool to be up and working again. I would like to announce my arrival to the city for a short visit. I would like an audience with our noble prince, to be sure of my good standing and acceptance returning for this visit. I thank you for your time.

Johnathan Wing   <click to email>
- Friday, May 18, 2001 at 14:36:09 (EDT)

What timming for this wonderful tool to be up and working again. I would like to announce my arrival to the city for a short visit. I would like an audience with our noble prince, to be sure of my good standing and acceptance returning for this visit. I think you for your time.

Johnathan Wing   <click to email>
- Friday, May 18, 2001 at 14:35:20 (EDT)

Dearest Friends,

I would like to extend all of you an invitation to my going away party. Yes, it is true, I will be leaving the city and wish to play host to all of you gentle people. I have reservered a banquet hall in the Kellogg Center for this little extraviganza at 10:00 p.m. on Saturday evening. Also feel free to bring any servants that you wish, though I would ask that no weapons of any sort are brought into the affair.

I look forward to seeing you all there

Euseti   <click to email>
- Friday, May 18, 2001 at 12:23:28 (EDT)

for everyones info, I'm all cool with not being box btch anymore. I took the job because somebody needed to do it, and it wasn't getting done for whatever reasons (no criticizm on the issue folks) the previous admin had. If the ST crew wants to do it and save me a few hours of time each week. I'm all in favor. we now return you to your regulary scheduled programming

Jason Tatseos   <click to email>
- Friday, May 18, 2001 at 00:32:20 (EDT)

My Apoligizes for posting that here, well keep it in Email and ICQ sort.

Mark    - Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 23:35:48 (EDT)

Okay guys... I had a couple of concerns with the ST troup anbd many of them have already been addressed and I am convinced that the rest of my issues will b addressed. I wish everyone the best and hope to return once my schedule (and gas prices) permit....:)

Beck    - Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 23:31:49 (EDT)

Mark... Now Im going to step up here (tho I know you can speek for yourself beck) and say that that was just wrong. Sometimes we all have things in our lives (such as our health and wellbeing) that unfortunatly take presidence over game. Now, I personally rather like the new ST crew and what they have done. Their collective knowladge of the WoD is unfathomable their new exp system I personally believe is ingenius and their initiative is wonderously beond compliment. I dont see how anyone could have a problem witht what they have done. and I personally could see where getting ones tonsles(sp?) out would take presidence over many things including game. So please become more informed and less biased when making statements about gammers in the future please. and know that I have nothing against you, I just dont want to see people make uninformed judgements on others.

Jason Roland   <click to email>
- Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 23:21:13 (EDT)

Beck , if you dont liek the new St crew who has done more work in 1 week of time, then go back to your game at Oakland, thanks!

Mark    - Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 23:07:05 (EDT)

*valintine... sorry

jen    - Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 19:05:21 (EDT)

Valentine... it might be beneficial for you to tell me who these other 'children' of yours are...

Casey   <click to email>
- Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 19:04:54 (EDT)

Just a quick OOC FYI. I have gotton a few emails regarding Jason and the character box. It seems that alot of you think that we took the box because of the post he made. That is not even close to why. We took the box for reasons having to do with Influence, plots and such. I was actually writing Jason an email about it when I saw his message about it on the board. Perhaps the way that it was posted on the board gave the wrong idea, and if it did, I apologize. I just wanted to clarify that for everyone. :) Thanks. Now...back IC.

Mike Ruyle   <click to email>
- Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 17:28:56 (EDT)

It might be of interest for anyone to know that I have brought two children into the city with me, and another of my brothers is here with me. Any of the Brujah family line might want to contact me. Any person of significant political clout might wish to speak with me as I would seem to be the leader of the brujah of the city, exept for the one known as Arnold who I have not been able to contact. There are four of us now, and any wishing to know our intent should contact us, or me vie e-mail. Thank you.

Valintine Kruchev   <click to email>
- Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 16:01:36 (EDT)

You know how to contact me, Arnold. Please do so.

ATM   <click to email>
- Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 15:06:29 (EDT)

Skippy posted our correct E-mail addresses on the contact page, for those of you who don't know them(or didn't read the announcement...).

Adam    - Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 14:10:22 (EDT)

Okay guys... I figured I would just let all of you know that I am going to be taking a leave of absence with the game until I can get some issues ironed out in my personal life... For those of you who know my deep dark secret, things aren't going as well as planned, but if you have questions please email me. Also I am getting my tonsils out in the next couple of weeks. Finally, I have some issues that I would want to work out with the ST corp... I will try to contact you, but I am not sure if all your email addresses are available. Take care and enjoy the game. If you need to contact me for any reason, or if some one would want, at some point to get the harpy book that I have been keeping, please let me know. We could meet someplace and I could get it to you... Thanks guys it has been fun!

Beck and McAnna   <click to email>
- Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 13:21:30 (EDT)

correction...... the prince

arnold    - Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 12:39:06 (EDT)

i wish to speak to prince

Arnold   <click to email>
- Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 12:38:33 (EDT)

During the week you all receive an invitation to a Dinner party. Your invited to a dinner party taking place Saturday 8:30-9:30 Walnut Hills Country club Lansing Michigan. ( In character dont actually show up at the country club telling them yer a vampire. =])

Dominic Giovanni   <click to email>
- Wednesday, May 16, 2001 at 21:32:32 (EDT)

Thanks Adam. Have a good trip.

Dave Austin   <click to email>
- Tuesday, May 15, 2001 at 17:45:33 (EDT)

Wow, i am quasi impressed with the speed the new ST's are moving at. Keep it up.

George   <click to email>
- Tuesday, May 15, 2001 at 17:07:59 (EDT)

I know it isn't the best time for one of the ST's not being able to attend the game, but I made plans in March to go home for 2 weeks, from May 15th-May 30th(what the hell are you all chearing so loudly for?). I'll be available over E-mail for game stuff if you have questions on something. Have a good couple games while I'm not here.

Adam   <click to email>
- Tuesday, May 15, 2001 at 00:50:49 (EDT)

Take Grand River to Bogue Street. Take Bogue Street, and turn into the Horticulture Garden's parking area. You'll see a circular commons type area, that's where we usually start the game out. Bogue Street only turns into campus from Grand River, which is why I didn't list a turning direction for when you actually turn. There'll be a 7-11 at the intersection.

Adam   <click to email>
- Monday, May 14, 2001 at 23:40:05 (EDT)

I will be returning to larp within the next couple of weeks. "Just letting all toughs who remember me know". If some one couled please send me exact directions to The gardens it would be much appreciated. My e-mail is inclosed.

Dave Austin   <click to email>
- Monday, May 14, 2001 at 21:28:31 (EDT)

*Walks into his office,gets his computer online to yahoo, e-mails his sire 'bout "stuff", sees the e-mail about the site, reads it, notes the information within, then leaves to go fight with the tigers* Jen, What is the problem? I think everything is working out beautifully. and ST corp, Love the new exp system. now I know the STs will be reading my downtimes n'such.

jason roland   <click to email>
- Monday, May 14, 2001 at 20:38:46 (EDT)

umm... I get the feeling that there's going to be a lot of resentment coming from the new situations at hand... maybe it'd be best to come to a happy medium on the issue. We can't afford to lose many more players... especially not good ones...

jen   <click to email>
- Monday, May 14, 2001 at 19:53:56 (EDT)

Everyone that has posted on the board in the past as their character recieves this in their email box.

Dear Sir or Mad'am,

Our records show that you were once a member of a chat for the city of Lansing. This chat system at, has been restored and secured from prying eyes as it once was. We hope to see you return and thank you for your time.

Best Regards,

A friend

This email has no return address. :)

Mike   <click to email>
- Monday, May 14, 2001 at 19:34:02 (EDT)

Ok, that is all well and grand that the board is IC, even though nobody would know about it. But anyway, Seth, Mike, Adam, good ideas on your new system. I dont know how much of my downtime will make sense to you though because i dont know how much John has told you of the things involving NPC's and my char. email me so we can talk. i dont want to have to type up pages of information unless you all need it for total understanding. peace.

George   <click to email>
- Monday, May 14, 2001 at 15:40:41 (EDT)

(OOC: Forgive me for using the IC board already, but I planned on investigating this issue most thouroghly, and thus everyone would know about it posted or not) I, along with my brother at arms (the porn star) where fired upon mercilessly when we attempted to come to grips with the setites ghouls. I would like to have some apologies. Any that I get will be met with forgiveness, and respect. Any who do not tell me will be met with anger, and vengeance. Also to the Tremere who healed me during battle, I am very grateful, and I owe you one. . . (Branden E-mail me IC later My charactar is trying to get hold of you)

John Diem (Valintine Kruchev)   <click to email>
- Monday, May 14, 2001 at 15:34:32 (EDT)

Stupid logic... It'll give us something to discuss tonight.

Adam   <click to email>
- Monday, May 14, 2001 at 15:21:34 (EDT)

important question... who is actually telling the kindred of the city that the board is back? they have to find out about it somehow

Jason Tatseos   <click to email>
- Monday, May 14, 2001 at 14:56:38 (EDT)

*officially takes off his box bitch tag*

Jason Tatseos   <click to email>
- Monday, May 14, 2001 at 14:28:08 (EDT)

First: The board IS back IC. There are reasons for it. If you want to know them, try and find them out IC please. :) It wasn't a fact of trying to slight you Jason. Believe it or not, it is a plot designed around your character. *chuckle*. Also, Jason, please check your email. Thanks

Also, downtime is now due on Thursdays..not Wednesdays, but Thursdays. Thanks.

So, to round up. Jason, Check your email for information. :) The board IS..I repeat... IS back IC. Downtime is due no later than midnight on THURSDAY nights. Thanks. :)

Mike   <click to email>
- Monday, May 14, 2001 at 14:18:39 (EDT)

Umm, ok... first things first, message board being back IC? I'd like a little explanation here, considdering that none of the ST's bothered to find out what was being planned in the first place. I will IC be taking the IC board down AGAIN to prevent a repeat of what happened a couple months ago. 2. All homework must be in by WEDS midnight, I do have this icky thing called a job, and believe it or not, updating all these character sheets takes TIME. If you want your exp expenditures on your sheets for the next game, have them in on WEDS

Jason Tatseos   <click to email>
- Monday, May 14, 2001 at 12:36:54 (EDT)

did I just spell that horribly? God.. shoot me now.

jen again    - Monday, May 14, 2001 at 07:29:53 (EDT)

what an effective ST corp... I'm so proud... moving on... I think that for the sake of all masqueraders who use this message board.. we should state the fact that it is once more IN CHARACTER at least 30 times. It seemed to have taken at least that many times to get the point across when it went down... so I'm just figuring that it would be helpful.. if not completely and udderly necessary.

jen   <click to email>
- Monday, May 14, 2001 at 07:29:28 (EDT)

One more thing before we all head our seperate ways on this evening seeing that we all live within 5 minutes of each other. We just sat down for several hours for the second night in a row and have some things hammered down as far as what we term: The Administration End of the LARP. So, here goes.

1.) EXP: 1 exp will be given for each session that you attend and 1 exp will be given for downtime. Experience must be spent through dowtime.

2.) DOWNTIME: Downtime MUST be sent to the ST Corp NO LATER than midnight Thursday night prior to the game. For those of you that want a reason on this. We will be meeting prior to the game to go over what every character has done during the week so that we can be a very affective ST Corp. There are several other reasons, none of which really need to be gone into as that is the most important. :)

That is it for now...though stay tuned. We are bound and determined to make the LARP the best it's been in a long time, so this week may see a few changes in some things, so bear with us as we get organized. Thanks.

Seth, Mike and Adam - ST Corp    - Monday, May 14, 2001 at 02:01:21 (EDT)

Thank the good lord above you Lansing kindred got your messaging service back online. His grace, Prince Maxwell, is organizing a counter-offensive to retake Chicago from the dreadful Sabbat. Since the city was sacked, the Camarilla citizens need some assistance in the form of mortal aid. Anything you can spare will be immensely appreciated and whoever obliges us will be compensated should anything happen. The operation will commence fairly soon. Please act quickly. Thank you in advance.

Gregory Smythe, Thrall to Maxwell; Soon to be Prince of Chicago   <click to email>
- Monday, May 14, 2001 at 01:55:01 (EDT)

The message board is now back to an IC board. It is secure, though please do keep obvious things from crossing it (Don't think that we should have to list those here as they should be VERY obvious.. :) Thanks. Further updates to follow as we get things hammered down. :) Have a nice evening...err morning..yah..whatever it is that you call 1:45am. :)

Seth, Mike and Adam   <click to email>
- Monday, May 14, 2001 at 01:40:27 (EDT)

> system rebooting ...

> Primary Reboot: complete ...

> establishing secure network connections ...

> newtork connections established ...

> DNS Changes: complete ...

> URL Status: changed and rerouted via secure network connections...

> Firewall Status: Enabled. All ports are secure ...

> Reboot Sequence Status: complete ...

> System Status: Ready ...

Message Board Servers    - Monday, May 14, 2001 at 01:34:10 (EDT)

Sorry to do this to you Skippy, but changes to the page need to be made. Seth Garner is now Supreme Deity in the game(Head ST). Mike Ruyle and myself will be assisting Seth as Co-ST's for Vampire(stop groaning). We're going to sit down later today and iron some stuff out, and I'll post anything that has been altered. Until Seth gets his pooter back from the shop, send homework to me or Mike(his address is somewhere on this page...). If it doesn't have "DT" or "Downtime" in the subject, I'm going to ignore it. I'm sure I'll remember more after I get some sleep. I'd like to thank John(both actually) for his work in the game. He did a very good job, and I appreciate the work he put into the game. Good luck with that job in Chicago.

Adam   <click to email>
- Sunday, May 13, 2001 at 04:03:16 (EDT)

ummm Why cant we just SAY that he created one IC? and that the feds cant look at it now. . . ?

Jason Roland   <click to email>
- Saturday, May 12, 2001 at 14:20:01 (EDT)

hmmm... this all should prove interesting... :) Are we supposed to get our character sheets at the fortress... or just meet up with box bitch at the gardens?

jen   <click to email>
- Saturday, May 12, 2001 at 13:13:14 (EDT)

Have you tried Bravenet? I don't know if they have a login feature, but I know they can track ISP's. I also know someone in VA who wrote his own code to post an IC and OOC message board. If you want to contact him, I can give you his E-mail. I don't like the idea of editting posts though... it leads(or can lead) to a lot of problems IC. I know, I've seen it happen first hand.

Adam    - Saturday, May 12, 2001 at 12:39:58 (EDT)

Roland, I need a ride badly. I would apreciate one if at all possible. Call me soon please.

john Diem    - Saturday, May 12, 2001 at 12:08:09 (EDT)

ok, as ther person who took the board down IC, lemme give you guys a litle heads up. Due to the lack of IC skills/responsibility and a large dose of IC ignorance the board had to be taken out because it was being monitored by the feds as half the kindred of the city were posting about vampire politics. My character, who has the skills to create a secure board, is doing so. However, there are certain things that have to be taken care of in character to get it going... the wheels are in motion, but things take time. If anyone wants to make a positive contribution to this, I'm looking for a free site with required logins, and allows administrative editing of posts. If anyone knows of one of these on the web, or knows how to make one that will run on a windows server then please let me know.

Jason Tatseos   <click to email>
- Saturday, May 12, 2001 at 11:28:04 (EDT)

Yet even more reason the board should have password only access for posting. . . In any case, I agree that without the board as an outlet for IC communication, it's rather pointless aside from game time/location announcements.

Adam    - Saturday, May 12, 2001 at 02:54:44 (EDT)

You see, you ain't got no game son. be gettin' of my board. No game boya, you is thee anti-game. I gots the game, you got no game, you be commin in here like you da game masta masta. I tell you whatch you is, you's the Foo' masta masta is whatch you is. Be comin up in my shiznit like "Whats wit da board". I tell you whats wit da board, you want it back IC, get it back IC. Other wise, get to steppin, I got money to be makin.

Schoo' Masta Masta   <click to email>
- Saturday, May 12, 2001 at 00:55:46 (EDT)

The message board is just boring and lame as hell now that it is not IC.. so it is just like.. fuck it ya know?? The board added to the enrichment of the LARP.. now it is but a waste of bandwidth.

David Smith   <click to email>
- Friday, May 11, 2001 at 21:09:32 (EDT)

wow... the message board has been quite peaceful... sounds like quite a few people got laid...

jen   <click to email>
- Friday, May 11, 2001 at 15:46:47 (EDT)

Game is still 2 bucks for a Larp fee, this money goes to buying shit we need and events.

Mark    - Thursday, May 10, 2001 at 07:22:25 (EDT)

Well, I think that us only having to shell out 5 dollars a piece to attend that 10 dollar party shows that reguardless of cost (reasonably speeking) We'll will be getting back whatever we put into our game.

Jason Roland   <click to email>
- Thursday, May 10, 2001 at 05:12:12 (EDT)

Hmmmmmmm sence it is not at the Fortress, does that mean that the game will only cost $1.00 now???? Seems fair.

Curious   <click to email>
- Wednesday, May 09, 2001 at 23:35:47 (EDT)

woohoo!! garden it is!

Jen   <click to email>
- Wednesday, May 09, 2001 at 20:35:33 (EDT)

Hello everyone, just stating the obvious here - yes there is a game this saturday. As for the location, I'm thinking the weather has gotten nice enough for the summer spot (the children's garden.) So, barring rain we'll play there.

ST John   <click to email>
- Wednesday, May 09, 2001 at 18:51:03 (EDT)

welly welly welly welly well. isnt this a bit complex.

Arthur   <click to email>
- Tuesday, May 08, 2001 at 20:33:33 (EDT)


Mark    - Tuesday, May 08, 2001 at 02:42:30 (EDT)

The IC board was taken away by a character, as an in-character action.

Adam    - Tuesday, May 08, 2001 at 02:34:44 (EDT)

when did we change the IC postng?

Mark    - Tuesday, May 08, 2001 at 02:21:04 (EDT)

I do not appreciate all of your attempts to ghoul me. Stop it, or I shall indeed throw poo at you!

attack monkey (with celerity)   <click to email>
- Monday, May 07, 2001 at 22:26:09 (EDT)

NO! no IC postings for you!

George   <click to email>
- Monday, May 07, 2001 at 22:20:53 (EDT)

Can we post in chracter on this board anymore???

Mark    - Monday, May 07, 2001 at 19:24:54 (EDT)

If ghouled attack monkies are out how about a swarm of ghouled attack humming birds with celerity?

Mr Excess   <click to email>
- Monday, May 07, 2001 at 17:16:25 (EDT)

It's not often that I get to go through illegal maneuvers in an off-road vehicle... (last time was early march through a 4 foot deep puddle)... so I take my chances where they come. And I'll be at the game after that... presuming all goes well.

Jen   <click to email>
- Sunday, May 06, 2001 at 15:20:34 (EDT)

a ghouled attack monkey? whos asking me for. . . nevermind I DONT want to know. and DONT ask Bastian. That may set him on blend.So if your thinking of getting them from potters park through bastian the 3 possable answers are no, hell no, and no fucking way. have a nice day. and jen. . . muddin'? It would be nice to have your character arround to rejoin the cam. But we all have our own priorities. I would just like to see all of clan gangrel at the game again. At the same time.

jason roland   <click to email>
- Friday, May 04, 2001 at 07:06:12 (EDT)

Yes... you will all play over Memorial day Weekend... I should be going home that weekend... *nods*

Eric Schaar   <click to email>
- Thursday, May 03, 2001 at 22:41:43 (EDT)

I won't... I'm going to Cadillac to go muddin' :)

Jen   <click to email>
- Thursday, May 03, 2001 at 21:03:13 (EDT)

Because of prom... but think of it this way.. we will game over memorial day weekend :)

David   <click to email>
- Thursday, May 03, 2001 at 20:13:45 (EDT)

Tell me again why we artent having Larp?

Mark    - Thursday, May 03, 2001 at 18:17:29 (EDT)

Mike Solomon: I need to talk to you. Email me or give me a call...

Dave "Skippy" Crampton  <click to email>
- Thursday, May 03, 2001 at 17:00:11 (EDT)

A)ghouled attack monkey = bad B)i will send you more when i write some more john C)branden, you can mail me. i always post my mailbox thingy

George   <click to email>
- Thursday, May 03, 2001 at 15:33:10 (EDT)

hey johnny-boy diem... give me a call... I have an idea... right then.

Jen   <click to email>
- Thursday, May 03, 2001 at 15:15:26 (EDT)

George Gasser i wish to speak to you about some certain matters.

Branden Perkins   <click to email>
- Thursday, May 03, 2001 at 14:13:49 (EDT)

Hey Jason Rolland, can i have a ghouled attack monkey?

I'll tell you later   <click to email>
- Thursday, May 03, 2001 at 01:37:25 (EDT)

Yay scalping. . . Hey really I did not understand george, was that only "part" of the story.If so give me the rest. PS:NOW!!!

John Diem    - Wednesday, May 02, 2001 at 21:19:59 (EDT)

YAY! Scalping!

George   <click to email>
- Wednesday, May 02, 2001 at 18:50:59 (EDT)

Other than Prom(BOO!!! Fight the power, dont' go!), what is it that people are busy with? Jsut curious

Adam    - Wednesday, May 02, 2001 at 17:32:03 (EDT)

Unfortunately due to a shift change LARPing EVERY weekend is now nearly impossible. Off weeks are going to have to be off weeks for me from now on. Thus no Mage LARP. I know, I know, this week was when the floodgates were going to open and the players were going to flow like the Amazon river. Ah well, c'est la vie.

Dave Beck   <click to email>
- Wednesday, May 02, 2001 at 16:00:29 (EDT)

Hey childe e-mail me for creation info, by the way George I was thinking on your writing, (it really is very good) E-mail me some more so I can circulate it, or scalp it. However you wanna see it.

John Diem   <click to email>
- Wednesday, May 02, 2001 at 15:52:13 (EDT)

We get one week off a month, there is no set week for the break. This allows us to have our skip-week when it is most conveinient for the players and the STs. As it stands, at least a third of the game cant make it next week, hense, skip-week.

ST John   <click to email>
- Wednesday, May 02, 2001 at 15:26:38 (EDT)

I thought that was stated rather clearly... there's going to be a lot of people missing as it is... so it's a skip week.

Jen   <click to email>
- Wednesday, May 02, 2001 at 15:26:06 (EDT)

Why is this week a Skip week? We just had one 2 weeks ago?

Mark   <click to email>
- Tuesday, May 01, 2001 at 17:09:29 (EDT)

i would really hope that this is a skip weekend cause it is a prom day.

Branden Perkins   <click to email>
- Tuesday, May 01, 2001 at 12:43:26 (EDT)

It looks like it'll be best if this week is a skipper. ahoy! Mage Larpers, you playin'?

ST John   <click to email>
- Tuesday, May 01, 2001 at 11:39:24 (EDT)

it's my understanding that we're going to be lacking a LOT of players this weekend due to other social events, some of which require fancy clothes... so this upcomming week might be better off as a skip week

Jason Tatseos   <click to email>
- Tuesday, May 01, 2001 at 11:36:25 (EDT)

Web page update requests hit me sooner if you send them by email.

Dave "Skippy" Crampton  <click to email>
- Tuesday, May 01, 2001 at 08:19:52 (EDT)

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