march '06 comments

Hey. . . imposter! In any case. . . mage larp with amy. . .sounds amazing. Only wish I where there. Love you guys, stay black and such.

the real diem, sargeant type one each  click to email
Sun Mar 26 12:15:52 2006

Hey guys, noticed that you have a changeling larp. Been running LARP changeling for years, so if your interested check out our site. Enjoy!

Another Changeling Player  click to email
Thu Mar 23 21:08:25 2006

hey dave I saw you were talking to Ryan mertan and wondered if I could be blessed with your lovely and yet still menaceing voice. Just wondering what is up and such. especially after seeing your page.

Branden Perkins  click to email
Sat Mar 18 19:19:28 2006

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