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well, giving yourself raw skin certainly is a bad thing, and when your skin gets raw because you've been washing too much, I think being OCD about being clean is certainly a bad thing.

even /if/ most gamers could use a little help in the cleanliness department.

Benny  Fri Mar 26 10:08:12 2004

Hmm... since when is being obsessive-compulsive about being clean a bad thing?

Adam  Thu Mar 25 07:50:08 2004

weeeeell..... we thought it was you. Now, I just don't know.

but you're still a jerk.

Benny  Tue Mar 23 09:53:58 2004

I haven't been at your house for a week. Who the hell's been in your shower all that time?!

Dave Crampton  click to email
Tue Mar 23 09:43:10 2004

well, if you weren't so damn OCD about being clean, then I would be able to get to the shower.

Benny  Mon Mar 22 20:19:30 2004

I hate you too, Benny. You stink.

Dave Crampton  click to email
Mon Mar 22 10:18:01 2004

I hate you, Skippy. I never want to talk to you again.

Benny  Mon Mar 22 10:00:28 2004

Well, at least he's not picky, if he'll take any army...

Dave Crampton  click to email
Sat Mar 20 12:13:16 2004

I think Solomon is trying to raise any army

.  Wed Mar 17 00:41:10 2004

I think Blodgett is mobilizing an army

Solomon  click to email
Fri Mar 5 10:46:56 2004

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