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Saturday, JULY 3, 2004

CROSSOVER: Have You Seen This Caern?

Werewolf and Mage One-Shot LARP

Fortress Comics and Games

425 Albert East Lansing, MI Phone - (517) 333-0435

The city Caern of Lansing is gone and the Bone Gnawers, Black Furies, and Glass Walkers who were in the city are gone with it.  The Garou Nation has sent some of their Fostern to investigate.

But, this disappearance didn't just affect the werewolf tribes.  It affected the tapestry.  A cabal of Mages who felt the disturbance in the force has traveled to Lansing to find out what is going on.

Will either group last the night? Are you up to the challenge?

The cost of the LARP is $5.00

$2.00 will go Fortress Comics and Games for hosting the event. $2.00 will provide food and drinks (cause Werewolves and Mages can eat food) $1.00 will go into a "I couldn't get to Origins" Cash Prize Drawing

Characters will be pre-generated. You can pre-register a character for the following benefits: ¡       Pick the Tribe or Tradition ¡       Figure out an appropriate costume ¡       Get $2.00 off the entry

Characters will be available on a first come first serve basis for those who do not pre-register. This event is limited to a maximum of 20 participants.

Please contact:

Amy Weaver-storyweaverone@hotmail.com


Fortress Comics and Games-fortress@arq.net

Dave "Skippy" Crampton  click to email
Tue Jun 22 17:15:45 2004

Well good luck and stay safe so you can come home and torment us some more. :)

Some Spin  Sat Jun 19 12:57:58 2004

I'm well. I don't particularly like Spain, but its better than being in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Adam  Tue Jun 8 22:09:01 2004

So how are you doing over there Adam?

Some Spin  Tue Jun 8 13:58:44 2004

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