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As far I know, they took it to the library on campus for the summer. At least that is the rumor. I am kinda burnt out on larping.

Don Dean  Fri Jul 9 08:07:00 2004

Would anyone be interested in a play by e-mail game?
If Skippy wouldn't mind, the board could be used still and maybe a second board added for just for IC activity.
One thing I got from the Cam membership was that the on-line game had some terrific interaction.
Maybe we could then get the on-line community to meet at Fortress for a once a year LARP (whatever timing works). JUST MY THOUGHTS...

Amy Weaver  click to email
Thu Jul 8 13:10:49 2004

Who runs the game now? Where do they play?

Adam  Wed Jul 7 15:44:43 2004

So, I recently found out that the newest ST of the Fortress LARP has taken it out of Fortress entirely, so the store closes at 8 on Saturdays now.

How do you guys react to that? What should I do with this site? It's been up since 1998.

Dave "Skippy" Crampton  click to email
Tue Jul 6 13:15:48 2004


Some Spin  Sun Jul 4 02:41:23 2004

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