february '04 comments

Settlers of Cantan <smirk>

Rafel Addley  click to email
Mon Feb 23 22:10:51 2004

Wow, I haven't been here in...Ages. Good to know you all are still doing well, and by well, I mean breathing. And by breathing, I mean not breathing at all, and by not breathing at all I mean stabbed in the face, and by stabbed in the face I mean stabbed in the face with a soddering iron.

Well, you get my point.

Slapnut  click to email
Mon Feb 23 02:18:16 2004

I'd have to stick with the classic, Spin the Cat. It just seems to have massive amounts of replay value.

A. Blodgett  click to email
Sat Feb 21 15:00:13 2004

Dude. we could make a lot of money with that thing.

Benny  Sat Feb 21 10:50:40 2004

Monopoly - Hooker Edition

Dave Crampton  click to email
Fri Feb 20 22:18:48 2004

What's your favorite game? WoD, right through Mattel.

What's your favorite part of that game?

Ready? GO!

Benny  Fri Feb 20 06:57:10 2004

At least there was a post this month.

Don  Sat Feb 14 12:29:42 2004

Those aren't really spoilers, are they? Didn't everybody kind of know the two usurper clans were going to get whacked? Hell, all the Sabbat Tremere went boom a few years ago.

Now, a real spoiler would be to list all the craziness that happens in the Crucible of God scenario... that's the uber-apocalyptic scenario for the chuckleheads. I liked Nightshade the best, personally.

Adam  Fri Feb 13 08:37:19 2004

Thanks for the spoilers. Some of us haven't read it yet. :P

Dave Crampton  click to email
Mon Feb 9 09:12:32 2004

Who's read Gehenna? Thoughts?

I liked it. Every scenario(there are 4) had some appealing feature, especially since no matter which scenario you play, the Tremere AND Giovanni get whupped *happy dance*.

Adam  Mon Feb 9 07:56:34 2004

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