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Whatever Cho Cho.... good to see your college degree is going to something related to that major.

Adam    - Friday, August 30, 2002 at 19:33:25 (EDT)

Army Rangers own you, and I would take a SAS operative over a seal any day of the week, or even the Vuchtova ( Poland Spec Ops )

Mark C    - Wednesday, August 28, 2002 at 13:33:25 (EDT)

Army Rangers own you, and I would take a SAS operative over a seal any day of the week, or even the Vuchtova ( Poland Spec Ops )

Mark C    - Wednesday, August 28, 2002 at 13:30:59 (EDT)

Seals are over rated, and State Police are grim in fights, spec the Tact Swat teams which I will be a part of after all this grimness. Plus like .5% of the Navy might be seals.

Mark C    - Wednesday, August 28, 2002 at 13:29:25 (EDT)

I won't be LARPing this weekend. I'll be in Detroit at a concert at the Labrynth. It's a benefit for saving Internet Radio.

Dave "Skippy" Crampton  <click to email>
- Wednesday, August 28, 2002 at 13:18:44 (EDT)

That may be true, Cho Cho, but I'll take a SEAL over any cop in a fight... heck, I'd take a Seabee over most cops in a fight.

Adam    - Tuesday, August 27, 2002 at 22:53:27 (EDT)

I know that Elizabeth and I are planning on going to the Ren Fest. I think David Smith, Branden, etc are planning on going there as well. I don't know if any one else is going.

Don Dean   <click to email>
- Tuesday, August 27, 2002 at 17:11:41 (EDT)

Anyone want to larp at the Childrens Garden this weekend? I think its a great spot to larp, its peaceful and cool to be outside every once and a while. Is anyone even going to the ren fest? I am all for Larping this weekend I du no who else wants to, or if we even have a skip week as of now. I just heard rumor.

Mark Chojnowski "Cho Cho"   <click to email>
- Tuesday, August 27, 2002 at 11:34:27 (EDT)

What ever the Navy are wuss, go fishing or something do your job.

Cho Cho    - Monday, August 26, 2002 at 14:15:09 (EDT)

Well it seems that all the breaches of the masquerade happen when I am out of the city I guess their will not be any four month vacation in my future :)

Michelle DuVall   <click to email>
- Monday, August 26, 2002 at 10:42:25 (EDT)

Having fun yet Adam? :) Hope you are doin' well!

Mike    - Monday, August 26, 2002 at 08:09:12 (EDT)

Navy Officer Candidate School... you'll love it, honest. Come on down. Do some diamond push-ups, alternating crunches, and double-time in place. Its awesome.

Well, I haven't died yet, so it can't be that bad, eh?

Adam    - Sunday, August 25, 2002 at 14:26:44 (EDT)

Alright. One more time for those of you who fail to understand the severity of the situation. Breaking the Masquerade in this manner is death. Plain, simple, death. When we discover who you are, Max will have a very short conversation with you. And we WILL discover who you are. Any kindred with information leading to the capture and execution of this individual will be rewarded.
Additionally, all Kindred are urged to use whatever faculties they possess to do damage control on this story, or I fear the consequences will be dire. Do not consider that a threat, but rather a warning. We cannot afford another Inquisition.

Jim Stevens   - Wednesday, August 21, 2002 at 15:06:05 (EDT)

On Monday night, Shelly Denber, a 23 year old college student at MSU was taking a break relaxing with friends and dancing at the new Lansing hot spot - The Vampire Haven. The last time anyone saw her alive was when she was on the floor dancing. The first person (name withheld) to notice something wrong thought she was trying to get by and moved out of her way. When she collapsed to the floor the witness knew something was wrong.

An EMT who was there that night rushed to the girl's side and was shocked to find the body drained of all blood. Several witnesses seeing what was happening caused mass panic in the packed club and several more people were hurt in the rush for the exits.

Club Owner, Darcy Blake, is quoted as saying, "this deed shall not go unpunished, those that feel that they can strike at the citizens of this city are mistaken. Too many eyes are looking for them, and those in positions of power I encourage you to see this as an act against you. I have increased my security and will be using a special investigative team to help review the video tapes. Shelly Denber's memory will not fade into the night. The name Shelly Denber will be a rally cry for justice."

The Police Chief agreed with Ms. Blake, and the Mayor has offered a reward for anyone who can testify to the identity of the perpetrator of this heinous crime.

This crime is not the only of its kind in the Lansing area. Two weeks ago two known drug dealers were found drained of all blood in a park in South Lansing. Officals are still looking for the vigilante who committed this crime, the only evidence they have is an old time photograph that was found at the scene.

Police officals caution Lansing residents to be aware of what is going on around them at all time. Go places in groups, don't go alone with strangers, follow the advice you would give a four-year-old.

And, speaking of four-year-olds, the march for the Children that took place last Saturday has revealed the true enemy of the people. Richard Jackson was found with the bodies of 17 missing children in his home. Police got a tip from a woman who would only identify herself as Blue. Richard Jackson broke down and confessed to more than 20 murders in the last 6 months. He can not be tied to the "Vampire" murders of the last two weeks as he was in custody when the murder of Shelly Denber took place.

News Report - TV, Radio, and Newspapers    - Wednesday, August 21, 2002 at 14:03:01 (EDT)

Mr. Stevens, may I have a moment with you this evening? Also, my wife and I thank you for your kind words.

Miguel    - Wednesday, August 21, 2002 at 11:43:54 (EDT)

Anonymous: Excellent question, and I'm happy to see those among us who are slightly less experienced in the ways of our kind are wise enough to realize their limitations. My recommendations are fairly sound recommendations for anybody, really. First, make your haven as discreet as possible. I highly recommend not having a haven in a building in your name. The down side comes in making sure it is secure. A possibility for this is to rent a room from a low budget motel, the sort that the kine would use for a mid day tryst, as these tend to accept cash as payment, and you could easily give any name you felt like, other than your own. Make sure to place the "Do Not Disturb" sign out.
Additionally, you may want to obtain a weapon of some variety. It is true that this doesn't always help much, but it certainly doesn't hurt. Also, mastering powers that aid in combat or avoidance of combat is certainly helpful. All of the great clans have at least one such power. If you have further questions, be sure to contact your primogen, who would be more than happy to assist you.
As for you, Curious, probably the best way to state it is: if you have to ask, you're probably not up to the task. However, feel free to contact Mr. Ulrich on Saturday if you desire further information.

Jim Stevens   <click to email>
- Wednesday, August 21, 2002 at 11:31:26 (EDT)

To all players of the Lansing LARP: I had a lot of fun playing with you guys. A big thanks to Dave Beck, Azure and Amy, they've each helped me put together some of the best scenes I could've imagined. I know I've told a few of you this last Saturday, but for those who missed it, Last Saturday was my last Saturday in Lansing. College is starting up and the absolute earliest I could be coming back is next summer, and it would only be for the summer. After college in 4 years, however, I do plan to make my grand return. Probably not as a Malkavian, we'll see. So until I see you again, have fun and free your mind.

"The Crimson Malkavian", James Walter (player of Josh Boroit: R.I.P.)   <click to email>
- Monday, August 19, 2002 at 14:09:02 (EDT)

If someone is not properly trained in the particulars of creating a ghoul and they still wish protection, are their alternatives one could pursue? Alternatives that could keep ones lack of experience out of the lime lite please.

Anamyous   <>
- Monday, August 19, 2002 at 14:08:01 (EDT)

On what basis would one be considered for the Keeper of Elysium?

Curious   <click to email>
- Monday, August 19, 2002 at 13:52:47 (EDT)

Kindred of Lansing,

I congratulate you all on your effective defense of the city from the Sabbat. It is my understanding that the main force of Sabbat has been slain by the valiant Mr. Ruiz. We are extremely grateful for his timely arrival. Alas, we mourn for the loss of one of our own, Josh Boroit, whose body and mind were wrecked to such an extent by the vile Sabbat that his death at the hands of Blue Eyes can only be seen as euthnasia. We plan to put his body to rest and mourn him as a true member of the Camarilla, as even in his beaten and weak state, his mind was on the protection of his Prince. May he rest in peace.

In addition, the weapons which we have supplied various members of the city with must be returned to Mr. Powell, as the threat seems to have passed. (OOC: MAKE SURE TO PUT THIS IN YOUR DOWNTIMES) He will be making a list of those who choose to retain such, and I will be forced to deal with the situation personally. However, the tactics of the aggressors generally are of multiple attacks, therefore I urge every kindred to attain a method of self defense for next time, because, rest assured, there will be a next time. Any kindred who does not currently have a ghoul is permitted to create one for the purpose of self defense. I trust that this matter will be undertaken with much seriousness, so that the Masquerade shall not be breached. Additionally, those kindred holding titles within the city are permitted to create an additional ghoul at this time, for the same purposes. Mr. Varon has informed us that the Sabbat who attacked his home town focused on the elders, so it is vitally important for those of us who meet this criteria to have additional protection. If a Kindred holds two titles, he is still only welcome to one additional ghoul. Additionally, the protective groups are officially dissolved, although if any individual kindred chooses to keep to the system, it is certainly recommended. As I appear to have been one of the main targets, I will not throw the shadow of death on any of my constituents.

The world does not end from one attack. We must carry on, with the example of Michel Duvall as a guide. Despite his terrific loss, he performed all of his duties and more this Saturday, and it would behoove everybody to follow his august example. We have one further matter of business, that is, to state clearly the status of your government, which has undergone slight changes in the never ending tempest of a fledgling city.
Your Prince, I, Jim Stevens, of the clan Brujah
My Esteemed Seneschal, Michel Duvall, of the clan Ventrue
The Sheriff, Max Skoalzewdski
Harpy, Quentin Ulrich III
Brujah Primogen, Ian McCurdy
Malkavin Primogen, David McIlvaine
Nosferatu Primogen, Mr. Smith
Toreador Primogen, Sean McDougall
Tremere Primogen, Heinrich Von Ehr
Ventrue Primogen, Michel Duvall
I have added the position of Primogen Ex Miscellani, a Kindred to represent vampires other than those of the six great clans of the Camarilla to the primogen council, as the city tends to attract such who have nonetheless sworn their fealty to our great society. It is our position that said personages should have a voice, and that voice belongs to Quentin Ulrich III.
Additionally, the position of Keeper of Elysium is currently vacant. It will remain vacant for a period of time, so that Mr. Duvall, myself, and the Harpy can evaluate the appropriateness of candidates. Feel free to inform Mr. Ulrich if you feel this is a role you are able to fill. Bear in mind that we have already arranged a series of trials before the position is awarded.

I thank you all once again for your show of strength in times of crisis. Were it not for the noble efforts of Josh Boroit, Heinrich Von Ehr, Don Southerland, Max Skoalzewdski, and Mr. and Mrs. Ruiz, I shudder to think of the outcome this attack may have had.

Jim Stevens   <click to email>
- Monday, August 19, 2002 at 09:36:16 (EDT)

OOC: First, I want to say that maybe it was just me, but Saturday was one of the best LARP sessions I've ever been to. It had it all, drama, intrigue, politics, action...I immensely enjoyed it. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed fantastic role playing by Brad, Chocho, John Diehm, Benny, Pyle, Rafe, Mike Ruyle, Solomon, the list goes on and on. I have an in character post to make after this, but I just wanted to say thanks.

Mike Weaver   <click to email>
- Monday, August 19, 2002 at 09:04:57 (EDT)

OOC: I can arrange this for ya too, Solomon. In exchange for a minor boon. =)
David: If the person you speak of is Wrath in Blue, rest assured that said personage is one of the focuses of the people in power, even as we speak. There may be some wrinkles to the situation that you may not be aware of, and as the Malkavian Primogen, I feel that these are wrinkles you SHOULD be aware of. I will send the Sheriff to escort you to my location at some time on Saturday. Let it further be known that Wrath/Lucy/Blue Eyes is NOT acknowledged as a member of the city, and will not be until she presents herself in a more...dignified fashion. Kindred associate with her at their own risk. Which is not to say that we bear any malice towards her, aggravation of a kindred of her abilities is unwise.

Jim Stevens   <click to email>
- Friday, August 16, 2002 at 10:18:48 (EDT)

Shouldn't be a problem, Solomon. :)

Dave "Skippy" Crampton  <click to email>
- Friday, August 16, 2002 at 09:14:39 (EDT)

Hey, I was wondering if anyone could arrange to give me a ride home after LARP this week, I don't have a car right now so if you think you can spare a ride, email me. Thanks

Mike Solomon   <click to email>
- Thursday, August 15, 2002 at 20:14:46 (EDT)

Um David? Are you speaking to me? Because I am no malk.

Maxius   <click to email>
- Wednesday, August 14, 2002 at 16:59:58 (EDT)

well, what have we here a malky playing god.I dont like that one bit.mayhaps the prince should enlighten her a little as to the whole scheme of things and not take favorites.

David McIlvaine   <click to email>
- Wednesday, August 14, 2002 at 15:21:33 (EDT)

sorry, cho-cho ,but i have no other way to contact anyone.

Branden D. Perkins   <click to email>
- Wednesday, August 14, 2002 at 15:17:35 (EDT)

I read that Quentin Ulrich article and I was appaled, but then my neighbor told me that it was such a shame they smeared his name like that because she had it on good authority that he was with the witness protection program.

Anon Lansing Gossip    - Wednesday, August 14, 2002 at 13:51:10 (EDT)

I would like to thank Mr. Duval; correct me if my spelling is off sir; For the use of his Domain this past week. Also I would like to thank Prince Stevens, for allowing me to become a member of his city, I will do my best to take up the role of Sheriff, and protect the Kindred of Lansing. Thank you again, Sheriff of Lansing ....Maxius....

Max   <click to email>
- Sunday, August 11, 2002 at 23:57:54 (EDT)

Lets try to keep this in character shall we, after all that is the purpose.

Mark   <click to email>
- Sunday, August 11, 2002 at 23:50:06 (EDT)

i have written my downtime but i have no way to send it . this is not my comp. i will give you my downtime when i get to larp next week.

Branden Perkins   <click to email>
- Saturday, August 10, 2002 at 00:51:04 (EDT)

It'll be a real cool party because with Mike and Seth's permission I want to run a Reel Fishing Tournament at their place. There will be fun and games and fishing! It will of course be after the prop shopping which Mike is right about being at 2:00pm at his place.

If you need a ride our car fits five skinny people uncomfortably or four larger people ok. First come first serve. Call and leave a message 734-485-2336.

If you don't leave your shoe size I won't call you back.

Amy The fishing Wyrm    - Friday, August 09, 2002 at 14:47:59 (EDT)

As Mike is stepping down as Changing Breeds ST, I'll be stepping up to take his place. I currently have all of your sheets and your character histories, and have read all of them.

Please send any downtimes, questions, concerns, or comments you have to my email address.

Dave "Skippy" Crampton  <click to email>
- Friday, August 09, 2002 at 11:13:43 (EDT)

RAR! :) Anyways, it is going on. I think the current plan is to meet at our place(Seth's house) Saturday about 1:30-2:00 ish? Call me at 282.9944 if you need details. Thanks!

Mike   <click to email>
- Thursday, August 08, 2002 at 15:16:19 (EDT)

Since there is no game this week, there was talk about going around and picking up props, costumes, robbing banks, etc. If that escapade is still going on, when, where, and exactly how many ski masks do we need?

Solomon   <click to email>
- Thursday, August 08, 2002 at 14:30:48 (EDT)

I am personally wondering what people thought about the game this weekend. E-mail me.

John Diem   <click to email>
- Tuesday, August 06, 2002 at 18:15:55 (EDT)

Hey all, only a few days left til I come back from Taiwan. Just thought I'd check to see if there are any anime fans in the LARPs. As long as I'm reimbursed, I'm willing to buy manga/anime/Chinese music or movies for anyone who wants something. Send me an e-mail by the 7th saying exactly what you want, and I'll do my best to get it for you. See you guys in about a week.

Emily   <click to email>
- Monday, August 05, 2002 at 06:24:05 (EDT)

I don't feel like taking up the mantle of ST and this melodrama that follows is already getting insane. See ya later after you guys find a new ST.

Alex   <click to email>
- Saturday, August 03, 2002 at 15:31:53 (EDT)

Amy check your email seth also.

Cho Cho    - Saturday, August 03, 2002 at 02:34:48 (EDT)

I may be interested in changing breeds Story telling, i duno yet. I have been thinking about it.

Cho Cho    - Friday, August 02, 2002 at 20:02:02 (EDT)

hm... looks like I may show up tomorrow..

SlapNut   <click to email>
- Friday, August 02, 2002 at 19:37:42 (EDT)

Hey every one. I am one of two people that has been approached in regards to taking over the ..well.. I guess it would be the changing breeds genre for fortress. I'm kind of torn at the moment. I feel that Mike has done a pretty good job but now he wants to play. I wanted to get your take on this, especially you guys that are already in the changing breeds. Would you like me as your ST? Would you rather I passed it on to the next? Do you not give a Ratkin's ass one way or another? Do you like hookers? cheese? tatters? Do you want me on a trial basis so you can take me out back and beat the tar out of me if your not happy with my ST style?

Alex   <click to email>
- Friday, August 02, 2002 at 13:00:22 (EDT)

Hey Both of you!

I am not sure I think that any of this is "good natured" fun so I am going to get in on it.

Slapnut - glad you still have respect for the LARP why don't you antagonize someone on your own LARP chat board.

Chocho- His nickname is slapnut for christsake, I think that if tomorrow you came out and said you were a cross dressing princess who liked other men, you would be head and shoulders above someone nicked named slapnut.

Now both of you should stop before I put someone's eye out and it all becomes fun you can't see!

Amy    - Friday, August 02, 2002 at 09:39:48 (EDT)

Now Cho Cho... I understand your upset about realizing you'll never become anything more then a janitor. But I'd suggest you leave insults about Jake out of this. All it was was some good natured ribbing. I understand that your shallow ego can't handle anything questioning your manhood, but get a grip. Maybe some councling? I don't know, but I'm here for you Cho Cho. It'll all be okay.

SlapNut   <click to email>
- Thursday, August 01, 2002 at 22:32:24 (EDT)

Zach why are you so gay? I know you prolly cant help it, because jake and daddy bend you over nightly agaist your will but please you can fight it.

Cho Cho    - Thursday, August 01, 2002 at 21:29:17 (EDT)

First, I would like to say you can't spell Homo without Cho Cho. Secondly, I would like to say that I miss playing with you guys. Well at least you old schoolers who know who I am. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at fortress and hope it continues its long tenure as a Lansing LARP. Although I LARP at another LARP in Lansing I do still (and always have) appreciated Fortress. Kudos to the ST's for continuing a long lasting legacy of Lansing LARP. Lastly, who's a Pretty Princess? Cho Cho is.

SlapNut   <click to email>
- Thursday, August 01, 2002 at 14:46:27 (EDT)

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